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    who still sells a 2.4m petal dish?

    Wondering if anybody knows! (My 3.0m mesh dish doesn't fit!) Only one I can find is the WSI 2.4m dish ~$500 shipped. Anybody have reviews of this dish or a better alternative? Every other product I've heard about seems to be gone. :(
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    Where to get post for dish mount

    I've been trying to come up with a design for a non-penetrating mount for my 10' C-band dish. I have been able to find most of the parts I would need at the local hardware store except for the main mounting post. I need a 3.5" diameter steel post that is 6' tall. Anybody know where I can get...
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    my first big dish

    Hoping I could get some advice as I just got my first dish (sitting in pieces right now). Maybe you could look at this list and tell me what else I need to get C-band FTA working and what parts of this setup are old/useless... Dish is an Astra 10' center focus mesh dish with a polar mount. I...