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    Constantly losing DISH signal...

    VIP222 receiver...have had it for about 10-12 years, "professionally installed"...yes I have complained to DISH, trying to get them to believe you're having a problem is a whole different ball game...yes I have received 11-12-45 message before...some of you are kinda dicks.
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    Constantly losing DISH signal...

    I have DISH, hate it, no hopper, no dvr, no bad weather, no loose connections, but constantly lose signal when I just change the channel (msg 015b) my wit's end especially with the recent price anyone else experiencing this?
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    Dish Network Earnings Call

    I'm going to miss VOOM and MonstersHD...half the fun of having these channels was being able to watch something without being bombarded by obnoxious advertisements every five freakin' minutes...and why the hell does everyone think SciFi Channel is so great? They ruin absolutely everything they...
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    What was ur favorite 5 Voom channels?

    MonstersHD FilmFest HDNews Equator World Cinema I think they dumped 'em 'cuz they were commerical free...
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    VOOM Goes BOOM - update Dish Drops all 15 VOOM Channels

    I am so $&^#%$!# angry...VOOM was the only reason I chose these bastards a few years back when VOOM went bust...of all the worthless programming they force us to subscribe to that they could've removed...they just lost a good customer once my contract ends...
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    Response from Dish regarding Voom

    The only reason I went w/DISH over DirecTV is because they offered the VOOM channels...I'm so $*%&^#%@$! pissed at these morons, I could kill...and I don't suppose my bill will be reduced at all, will it?
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    Constant signal loss on 119

    I have no intention of suing DISH...I just want out of the contract I was tricked into signing...and judging from the numerous prob posts, there are a LOT of subscribers having problems, not just go bless yourself...
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    Constant signal loss on 119

    I've been having the same probs for 3 months...finally got 2 techs out here last week to adjust the dish and move the wiring along the front of the house...fine for a week...then, guess what? Another signal lost on the VIP 211 in the bedroom this I had to call yet again to get...
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    problems with 222 reciever

    I'm having the same picture freezing and breaking up probs on my VOOM channels with the VIP 222 as well in perfectly calm weather...aren't we paying these greedy bastards too much $$$ a month to put up with this crap? I take it, it doesn't do any good to call and complain....???
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    811 Losing its Mind

    SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!!! I have two 811's and can't believe I pay almost $90 a month to have to watch that g-damn program information retrieval bar crawl across my TV screen twice a day whenever I press the MENU button...what the HELL can I do to stop it???
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    Dish Network Going Out During Storms...

    Well then mine must not be set up right because it gets squirrelly in rain and wind around here...and why does MonstersHD freeze up on me for a second or two when I've got the main menu at the bottom of the screen and go to remove it?
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    If you don't have Voom Get it now!

    Voom is nowhere near as good as it used to be...gone are Majestic, GuyTV, and DivineHD channels...instead we got that stupid kungfu crap...
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    Lifetime and Lifetime Movie Network off Dish due to contract dispute

    Kinda pissed off here...not just because (a) I already spend way too much $$$ on crap channels I never watch; or because (b) LIFETIME was one of the few channels I tolerated because of GOLDEN GIRLS and WILL&GRACE, but now I'm paying for duplicates of the same damn channels WE and...
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    September 2005 Voom Original Highlights

    They better start doing better, that's all I can say...getting tired of wasting my hard-earned money on goddamn reruns, day after day...
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    Becoming Jaded With Half/voom

    To each their own, dickhead...
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    Becoming Jaded With Half/voom

    I too am getting a bit sick of the same horror flicks over and over and over on MonstersHD...let's get with it, VOOM...and I miss DivineHD!
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    Last VOOM Statement

    Just got mine yesterday...sad to see VOOM die, but at least some of their channels are on DISH now...waiting impatiently for the rest in 2006...
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    New VOOM HD website coming soon...

    I love having MonstersHD back but I HATE the DISH remote control...what a pain in the $&#^@(*!+$%@)&|+ ass to negotiate...
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    New Poll: Where are you going?

    Had little choice out here in a rural cable...had Primestar, they sucked...went to DirecTV, they sucked even VOOM, loved it, then lost it...can't live without MonstersHD, so DISH was the only choice for me...
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    Are You Vooming Again On Dish Yet?

    Just got DISH installed today...not happy about the 2nd dish stuck to the peak of my roof :mad: but I've got my MONSTERS HD back (and it's now in widescreen format) :) so I'm a happy camper...