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    2012 New HD Local Launches

    Sometime over the weekend D* lit up Columbus, West Point, Starkville, Tupelo market in HD. About time... FOX, ABC, NBC, CBS, and PBS. Pretty excited because I was using my Media Center laptop networked to my XBOX with a terrestrial tuner to get my locals in HD, but NBC is never a good enough...
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    Raycom to produce all SEC Football Games in HD This Season

    So this Florida - Hawaii game, anyone seeing it in HD or is my CBS affiliate just really being stingy?
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    coax amp

    its an old house. and let me think, i think we now have 7 coax jacks? the signal isnt perfect in the first place but in the original room it picked up the QAM channels fine until we split and hooked the modem too. then it did the same thing. and not its the same situation in the other room...
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    coax amp

    i know really not much about coax cabling and all that jazz but i do know that there is a signal loss problem with my splitter and the 2 tv's hooked up. So here is what is the problem. when i have the line from the wall to the 42" LCD with QAM tuner picking up the unscrambled locals in HD for...
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    Vip722 Native Pass-Through??????

    most hd stations are in 1080i the few 720p stations i can rattle off are FOX, ESPN/2, and national geographic i think. heck even fsn i think is 1080i on their nationwide base, not just the regional games but the ones they broadcast on ALL of the FSN networks across the board, o and ABC too...
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    FSN South HD

    check you programming guide the only programming iv seen on fox sports south is college football which is just a relay feed of big national games that everyone with a fsn net is getting. now braves games on the other hand are handled on "SportSouth" which i believe is 1 channel up or down (I...
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    College Spots South on Dish, does Dish

    yes. comcast sports south here in the hometown of misssissippi state university where all we have is northland cable they cant seem to compromise carriage deals for the state game so the closest thing is the fm radio :rolleyes:
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    Old Poll: Who is your Cable Company?

    i thought our defense played their hearts out most of the first half but you lose hope when your leader throws more to the other team than your own. and for the stereo, my first hints came when they introduced the "zap2it" channel on analog channel 25. on the channel they play just some oldies...
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    Old Poll: Who is your Cable Company?

    Clemson are you? Mississippi State fan here from Starkville! It was about time ya'll came here for baseball! We dont trust VOIP because of the tendency of the spottiness the cable has for internet. I'll let you know when the new HD channels come, because I will be checking very often after...
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    Old Poll: Who is your Cable Company?

    which neck of the northland woods would you be in. here in starkville they're gearin up for a pretty big revamp of their HD lineup. about 12 new additions to the 6 standing channels from the past year and a half. its about time. Maben, mathiston, etc are still analog only on copper cable so i...
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    HD Channels in Sept.

    MOJO would be an interesting addition. considering it is owned by iNDEMAND, most of the cable company's PPV, VOD, etc company and hotel systems too. but i wouldnt rule it out completely. personally with it being one of the 6 HD channels our cable provides its worth a look every once in a while...
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    Fox sports south- how much ACC?

    does lincoln financial do an HD broadcast? our CBS affiliate the picks up the LF production is broadcasting in HD but i was wondering if LF was producing any in HD this year...
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    fox sports- extra cost?

    here in mississippi we get fox sports south and sportssouth both in hd on dish. have yet to see one thing on fox ss... sports south will occasionally have a braves game on. I dont have dish so i cant comment on PQ but my friend has dish hd and im over there a good bit and i always check those 2...
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    Adding OTA-HD channels on your own

    We currently get CBS (64.1) and PBS (64.2) on the QAM as it is. thats 2 out of the possible 7 that are available OTA (PBS1,PBS2,CBS,ABC,FOX,MyNet,CW, and we dont know when NBC is going live with their HD:rolleyes:) The cable people called to tell me there were plans for 12 new HD's on the cable...
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    Dish Selection Manifesto

    im just wondering from this here Who you pullin for? You can take a guess at which one I am. Here in Starkville, we have northland cable which is just awful in all respects of the word. We were ready and willing to give it up for dish come yesterday but we live in a heavily wooded neighborhood...
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    Adding OTA-HD channels on your own

    its straight coax. our cable blows so we dont want to encourage them by getting their digital cable or their HD package. to the coax switch I go! does this look like a good simple coax switch without much signal loss on both the cable and OTA side? Coaxial A/B Switch: Electronics
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    Adding OTA-HD channels on your own

    Im sure im posting in the wrong part but today the installer came and said no, too many trees, no dish for you. so after getting over that traumatic experience i have come to the conclusion of getting an OTA antenna. How would i go about feeding that in to my cable that i have now? My LCD only...
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    Old Poll: Who is your Cable Company?

    Another Northland Survivor!?! Northland in my neck of the woods (and i suspect all necks served by northland) is crap. Crap for HD, crap for Analog, crappy prices, the only good thing is our internet but thats just because DSL sucks. Good luck with yours
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    Local Channels/PBS

    this is the only thing i can think of to fit your description PBS-X - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia