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  1. mloiterman

    Ground needed with pole install?

    Stupid question: Is a ground wire still needed with a dish mounted to a pole installed into the ground?
  2. mloiterman

    5LNB: fascia mount vs. pole

    Last Thursday, I was supposed to have my Phase III upgraded to the 5LNB. My existing dish is mounted to the fascia of my home. It has been this way since 2004 and I have had 0 problems. It's nice, clean, out of the way, and unobtrusive. Pictures: (Pictures Removed, was causing error for...
  3. mloiterman

    Slimline and new multiswitch

    I'm getting ready to order my slimline from DirecTV. When I order, will DTV provide me with a new multiswitch or do I need to get my own? If they do provide me with one, is it of poor quality? Is this one still the suggested multiswitch for the new slimline dish: Zinwell WB68 Wide Band 6x8...
  4. mloiterman

    AT9/Mpeg4 compatible with 4x8?

    I have a Terk 4x8 that I'm using with the oval 3 LNB dish. It works great and I have no problems. I'm thinking of upgrading to the new AT9/Mpeg 4 dish. Will it be compatible with my Terk?
  5. mloiterman

    Blank incoming call

    My two D10 boxes keep showing blank Incoming Call caller ID boxes. They're coming at random times when nobody would be calling like right now at 12:43 in the AM. It's about -4 F here in Chicago so I thought that might have something to do with it, as this has only started to happen with the...
  6. mloiterman

    HD SharkTale Stuttering 9.3.05

    I was watching the premiere of SharkTale in HD on HBO this evening (9.3.05) and noticed about 50% into the show an extremely annoying video stutter that would crop up every few seconds. Sound was not impacted at all. It got so bad that we had to turn it off. Other HD programs are fine. Sat...
  7. mloiterman

    Signal Strength

    I'm getting on average about 85% on 110A, 65% on 110C and 85% on 119B. Is this acceptable? I have a completely unobstructed view of the sky. I don't ever lose signal except in a decent rain storm. I wonder, however, if my signal was stronger it might hold on a bit longer in rain. Is it...