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  1. Tom in TX

    Scott - It's a small world!

    Scott - I work for a direct mail shop (junk mail), and one of our printers jammed, and the operator brought me a sample of the last letter printed. I looked at it, and it was for Scott Greczkowski in CT!! I don't know if you remember me, but I met you (and Prize Goddess) at Team Summit at The...
  2. Tom in TX

    Dishonline Over?

    Are we allowed to talk about the dishonline beta test? I got an email that they are dropping it, for now, and sending new software (448) out on Tuesday. Tom in TX
  3. Tom in TX

    DishComm Problems

    I have two 622's. When I try to set up DishComm, each reciver shows that it is "online", and green. If I try to add the other receiver, I get a warning: "Error in DishComm Setup". Any ideas on how to add the receiver? They are each plugged directly into a wall socket, no power strip. Tom in TX
  4. Tom in TX

    942 For Sale

    I had two units, one leased, and this one, which is owned. I have the original box, and any cables you might need. Both remotes. $225.00 + actual shipping. Tom in TX
  5. Tom in TX

    Quitting Smoking

    Does anyone have any experience with the drug, Chantix? I started on them 8 days ago, and then quit smoking Tuesday night (for Lent!!). I have smoked for 33 years!! I have no nicotine withdrawl problems, yet. It's been almost 48 hours, and I thought I would be really craving a smoke! Maybe this...
  6. Tom in TX

    FS: Dish 811 HDTV Receiver

    I have the manual and remote. There is no balance due. I am asking $125.00 + shipping. Tom in TX
  7. Tom in TX

    Free Upgrade to a 622?

    I got a call today from Dish, offering to upgrade one of my 942's ( I have one leased, one owned) for $199, with a $199 credit, for a "no-cost" upgrade. Is this the standard offer now? I haven't been keeping up with it too much lately. I told the person that I was not interested, because I...
  8. Tom in TX

    Stock Ticker

    Scott - it might be interesting to add Tivo's stock price to the "ticker", to see how the lawsuit affects the stock of Dish and Tivo. I don't know if that's something that can be aded easily, or not. Just thought it might be interesting! Tom in TX
  9. Tom in TX

    Stock Quotes

    Do the stock quotes under the Sat guys logo ever change? Just noticed it was the same as last time I looked at it! Just wondering! Tom in TX
  10. Tom in TX

    NASCAR in HD?

    The NASCAR race is supposed to be HD on NBC, yet I am getting SD (OTA) in D/FW. Anyone else seeing this? Tom in TX
  11. Tom in TX

    Future Terrorist Target - New Orleans?

    I was watching the coverage about how they need to fix the breaches in the levees, so they can begin pumping the city, then begin rebuilding. It may have been mentioned elsewhere, I don't know, but it seems like it may be futile. How easy will it be for terrorists to blow 3-4 holes along any...
  12. Tom in TX

    Need to add 3rd receiver

    I have a Dish 500, with LEGACY twin lnb, going to two SW 21's to feed two receivers (811/301). To add a 3rd rcvr, is all I need to do is replace the Legacy with a DishPro Quad? I have been told different things by different people. Hoping Scott, with his great expertise, will be able to provide...
  13. Tom in TX

    RG6 -vs- RG59 Question

    I had my 811 installed a few months ago, and had run a new RG6 cable (100 ft) from the dish to my attic, but it wasn't quite long enough to reach down the wall to the receiver. I ran an old RG59 the last 15 feet. I had forgot all about it until today! My question is, will I get any improvement...
  14. Tom in TX

    Still no Update

    I read a few days ago that the upgrade was going "widespread". I still don't have it. How long migh it take, or is something wrong. I have "download without my permission" checked. I turn the unit off when not in use. Any ideas? Tom in TX
  15. Tom in TX

    No picture on 811

    I am getting no picture on my 811. Still have old software. I get the banner on the screen, showing what channel it is supposed to be on, but no picture, and no sound. If I go through the channels, each channel is blank,and quiet, until I come to a Sirius channel, and I get the sound, and the...