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    DISH vs. Comcast?

    I have been with DISH now for over three years (offered through ATT). Outside of the occasional snowstorm outages, I have been quite pleased with everything. I have the Absolute-HD package. Recently Comcast has made an offer that is quite tempting and would replace all three services I currently...
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    DishONLINE Download Speed

    I just hooked up my 622 to the internet. I went into DishONLINE and tried a couple free downloads. The progress meter shows me downloading at about 1.00 Mbps. The meter also shows that is changes between 1.00Mbps and 'stalled'. This occurs for the duration of the download. Is this the normal...
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    Can you use a Dish-TV dish with Direct-TV?

    I am just curious. Can you use a Dish-TV dish with Direct-TV, or vice-versa? I do understand you would have to re-aim, but that is a different matter. I was just wondering if the physical makeup of the dish itself was product specific.
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    CBS Chicago Local Audio Dropout

    Curious if any others in the Chicago area are experiencing occasional audio dropout on the CBS local channel? The dropout occurs for about 1-3 seconds and may occur a few times over an hour. I notice on my Onkyo receiver that the audio signal indication goes blank when this occurs. At first I...
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    Las Vegas

    Anybody know if the NBC show "Las Vegas" is coming back?
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    Friday Night Lights

    I read where my favorite show from last season "Friday Night Lights", has been picked up as a Direct-TV exclusive for the fall season. I believe NBC will show it later starting in January. Well, at least I will eventually get to watch it (I am a Dish subscriber).
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    SciFi-HD Viewing Borders

    I checked out (briefly) SciFi-HD and each time the broadcast came over not being in full wide-screen mode. The show that was on appeared to be widescreen format, but it was surrounded by a black frame (all four sides). Is this the way they are broadcasting? Why not broadcast in full widescreen...
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    622 Not Scanning Digital OTA

    I have a roof mounted UHF antenna. Cabling is done. I connected the feed directly to my Sharp HDTV and receive just under 30 digital stations in my area (Chicago suburbs). So I know the antenna is working. I then directly connected to the 622 antenna input, and performed the Local Channel...
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    Slow Motion/Strobe Effect?

    I just noticed recently (in the past week) while watching some HD network shows, an occasional slow-motion of the video. I saw this again last night while watching "Carpoolers" on ABC-HD. It is a bit difficult to describe accurately, but it is like some video frames are missed which then gives a...
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    Stuttered HDMI Audio

    This ever occur with you? Or what might have happened? I have the 622 connected to my A/V Receiver via HDMI for both the video and audio channels. Worked fine last night. This morning, I tuned into a HD channel and the audio was stuttered (i.e., 1 second on, 1 second off). Worked fine though...
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    David Lettermen in DD-2.0

    Can someone confirm this? With Dish-TV broadcast, my AV receiver indicates that the David Lettermen show is broadcast in DD-2.0 audio. On the other hand, Jay Leno is DD-5.1. I kind of expected (and thought) that the Lettermen show was up-to-date in this respect.
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    Monday Night Football: Dropouts

    I first started watching last night's Monday Night Football (Chicago vs. Minnesota, produced by ESPN) via my local ABC-HD broadcast. I kept getting short audio dropouts, and occasional video stutters. I checked out the SD version for the same station and everything was fine. Then I switched to...
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    Checking Signal Strength

    Please humor me if this is a dumb question. I just don't know everything about the satellite stuff as yet. When I check the signal strength via the Setup menu, the menu page allows me to change the satellite number (e.g., 129). It also allows me to change the Transponder (e.g., 1 through 30)...
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    Satellite Overview

    Anybody know of an overview document about the Dish-TV satellites and transponders? I am just trying to understand how the whole thing works. For example, why does my dish target 3 satellites? And then to get more advanced, how I would best position my dish. What I am seeking is something that...
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    PPV HD-Movies

    Is there a way to tell from the menu whether a PPV movie is in High-Def, 5.1 Surround, and Widescreen mode? I have not tried a PPV as yet because I fear not getting the same video/audio quality that I can get with a DVD rental.
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    Recording a delayed show - Options?

    I have the new "Amazing Race" scheduled to auto-record (7:00PM - 8:00PM Sunday Central time). Unfortunately, this show frequently gets delayed by a late ending football game. CBS pushes everything back accordingly. Well, when 7:00PM triggers, CBS is still broadcasting "60 Minutes". The "Amazing...
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    Caller-ID Wish

    I have the Caller-ID option enabled. What would be really cool is having an option that would allow you to disconnect the call via the remote.
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    Cable vs. Dish

    I have been a Dish subscriber now for about 4-months. My main incentive for switching was because cable prices just kept going up and up. Taking advantage of the new subscriber deals with a satellite system (Dish or Direct), I went with Dish. Installation went smoothly and I can't complain of...
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    16:9 with borders

    I occassionally receive HD stations that display in 16:9 mode, but do not fill the entire screen. Instead, the picture is a smaller sized display with black borders around the entire picture (much like a 4:3 picture would be on widescreen set, but with black bars also on the top and bottom, as...