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    Lose Signal on 101 late night to early morning

    If possible safely, check the connectors for the lines going to the D11's. They may need replaced or pushed onto the cable further. Changes in temperature also affect connectors. Good luck...
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    Cascaded multi switch

    Did you remove the 72.5 from the satellite setup on the receiver's?
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    HR22, can the 2nd tuner be disabled?

    repeat satellite satellite setup screen change tuners from dual to single...that should remove the channel for the 2nd tuner from the swm lnb, allowing to add another channel...hope this helps...good luck
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    No Signal Strength On Odd Transponders for Sat A(101)

    locate the 13v 101 line coming into the multi switch and test the signal on that line, if there is no signal check that port at the lnb. my guess is the lnb is bad, but it could be the cable or connector...good luck
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    signal loss on 5 lnb slimline

    what are your signal levels? are there any trees blocking the line of site that maybe swaying giving you intermittent signal loss?
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    Welcome New Members! (Please Say HI here!)

    HI everyone.