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    Pixelation or complete stall on embedded commercials.

    For the last month or so we are getting heavy pixelation on "local" commercials embedded for shows on TNT and USA networks. At times the whole top of the screen is just large blocks of solid colors that go away when the commercial is over and at others it just freezes while the commercial is...
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    DirecTV notices when you disconnect the internet!

    We planned an extensive vacation so I decided to turn off any unnecessary electrical appliances, including our internet router while we were away. We just returned and found a letter from DirecTV stating that they noticed that we were no longer connected to the internet and were "missing out on...
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    DirecTV's Tech Support folks are GREAT!

    Boy! I just have to give a shout out to DirecTV's Customer Service/Technical Support. These folks are GREAT! After 3 years of service my HR24-100 just gave up (error code 14-430). There was just no way the recordings were going to play back. I called Tech Support on Monday and they had me run...
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    Error with cross-linked threads.

    Something has gone terribly wrong with this thread. The first two posts are about Netflex versus DirecTV and then it cross-links to some discussion about mounting a pole on bricks. Obviously, you have a database corruption issue here. Just thought I would let someone know since these things are...
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    Your receiver isn't authorized to record this program.

    I am watching the Military Channel (287) "Top Secret Weapons Revealed" show today and thought I would record the episode for future watching. When I press the "record" button on the remote control I get the message "Your receiver isn't authorized to record this program". I am authorized to watch...
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    Interesting experience with Quick Tune - makes me wonder how it works.

    I have 2 HR24s at home, one in the front room and one in the bedroom. I also have 2 remotes, one set to control a Sony TV in the living room and one set to control a Panasonic in the bedroom. I have used the remote that controls the Sony to setup some channels with the "QuickTune" feature. I...
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    Problems downloading DirecTV pdf bill - am I the only one?

    I am fairly new to DirecTV and tried to download a pdf copy of my bill. My browser reports it as an illegal pdf document since it does not start with "%PDF-" and will not continue the download. Am I the only one with this problem? I would like to know before I call Direct with the issue.
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    Problem with SWM LNB setup - need help

    On our new household DirecTV installation the installer used a single wire SWM LNB. Being new to satellite I decided to mimic his installation for a parallel setup for our RV. I purchased a SWM Slimline dish kit along with an ACUTRAC 22 PRO MKII Satellite Signal Meter and DIRECTV ASL-1 SWM...
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    Is professional installation of CINEMA Connection with Whole Home DVR really needed?

    DirecTV recently installed a new double DVR system (2 - HR24's) with Whole Home DVR. Despite mentioning I have an internet connection, CINEMA Connection never made it to the work order. They now want $75 for the unit and installation. The unit alone is $25 compared with a powered DECA at around...