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  1. topgman

    Old Receivers

    Thanks for the advice I just finished selling the 2 receivers on ebay and pocketed a couple of bucks ...
  2. topgman

    Old Receivers

    I recently cancelled my *E account after 9+ years I returned my 2 DVR's as instructed by *E ... my ? is what should I do with my other 2 receivers -1 is a DP301 & the other is an ancient 3700 model ... do I just throw them out?
  3. topgman

    OFFICIAL: Dish Network Not Enough New HD Complaint Thread

    I have been an E* customer since 1997 but I think with the impending amc-14 failure now may be the time for me to jump ship to D* ... I don't have unreasonable expectations just MSG-HD & Speed -HD ,any other HD's I can take as they come ...but with the failure of the new satellite this is all...
  4. topgman

    The Need for SPEED (HD) -- Launches Thursday

    Another Wednesday and once again no new HD channels
  5. topgman

    The Need for SPEED (HD) -- Launches Thursday

    After watching Dale Jr win the shootout last nite I long for the Gatorade duels to be in HD on Thursday
  6. topgman

    What will Dish look like a Year from Now.

    In 1 year from now they will hopefully have MSG-HD,FSNY-HD & Speed-HD or they will not have me as a member
  7. topgman

    FSN NY & MSG In HD?

    This was the response I got from E* when I asked about MSG=HD & FSN-HD ,after finding out D* was carrying them ... Thank you for your E-mail. We appreciate your feedback and your continued service. We are planning to add more RSN's in HD in the future. Unfortunately, we do not have specific...
  8. topgman

    DVR Advantage

    that's correct I don't pay any DVR fees for my 2 DVR's with AEP
  9. topgman

    DVR Advantage

    I have AEP + HD + locals ...will I save any $$$ with DVR advantage?????
  10. topgman

    Sirius On E*

    Does anyone know why the Howard Stern channels are not broadcast by Sirius on E* ? D* broadcasts XM Sat Radio including the Opie & Anthony channel ... Just wondering if anyone has any info on this ...Thanks
  11. topgman

    Response from E* re:Msg-HD & Fsny-HD

    This is the response I received from E* ,after I sent an email Stating that since D* has added MSG-HD & FSNY-HD,if E* did not add these channels in a timely manner I would switch to D* ,even though I have n a 10+ yrs subscriber to E* ... xxxxxxxx Thank you for your E-mail. We appreciate your...
  12. topgman

    D* now has NESN HD, FSN-NY HD and MSG-HD

    When will E* follow suit and pick up MSG-HD & FSNY-HD ... hurry up Charlie ... is there anywhere we can email Charlie directly and put our requests directly to him ?