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    Option of using 1 of 2 dishes

    I have an RV which I am looking at getting an automated dish to mount on the roof. In the event that I am under a tree canopy, I also have a dish which I can set up to 100 ft from the rv. My question is, if I run both lines into an A/B switch, then out to my receiver, will it work? If not, do...
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    Enter to win: Solar Panel from Sadoun

    I monitor my electric and water bill every month. By replaceing all bulbs with CFLs, setting the thermo a little lower in the winter and higher in the summer, and ridding the kids ass about showers, we have cut down to the bare minimum, or so I thought, this would help
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    Random Act of Kindness to Win: GEOSATpro DSR200c Receiver - SatelliteAV 1/4/2010

    "I committed a Random Act of Kindness" On Saturday as I drove by a house down the street, I noticed an unusual amount of water flowing from the yard. I backed up the car and checked and sure enough, it was bubbling up from along side their house. After getting their attention, I turned off...
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    maximum number of receivers per account

    How about this one, I am in the process of building an "in-law house" on my property, which my mother will be moving into. If I just add a box to my account and put up the old dish I have, will I have any problems?
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    I was lied to by Directv!

    This is crap... Just about every new house built around here has a communication center installed, so the installer has to only mount a dish, PERIOD. This has happened to my installer at both houses I have had, so these installers have plenty of time to sit on their ass, or have a beer or two...
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    24 month contract clarification

    Explain to me how they can tell me I have to send them my box back if I cancel, even though I purchased it myself through a third party. After having service for well over 15 years, D is really starting to piss me off too. By the way, don't tell me that you have the most HD channels when in...