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    LNBF skew on c-band motorized dish setup

    Hi experts, I have recently had to replace my LNBF on my c-band dish due to failure from a lighting strike nearby. I got a new C1 Titanium PLL LNBF. I just want to confirm the skew so I understand this correctly. At the highest point in the arc I should set the skew degrees to 0 or 12 o-clock...
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    G16 reflections from adjacent birds?

    Hi experts, I recently had to replace my receiver and LNB from a lighting strike that was very close to home. It cooked the receiver and LNBF. It was a good excuse to update the equipment. I bought a new receiver but when I hooked it up I wasn't getting any signal. So I bought a PLL Titanium...
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    Tracking 101 and 105

    I have a 10 foot C-band dish that I'm having a problem receiving 101 an 105. I have set it up and it tracks the arc nicely from 83 to 139. I'm looking for 101 and 105. Currently I am have no problems receiving 97, 99,103 and 107. Most of what I watch is on G16 and G19. Out of curiosity I...
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    DVB-T signal meter

    So I purchased one of those DVB-T OTA signal meters for pure interest. It was $13 bucks and I got it the other day. I know that DVB-T signals aren't used in North America its ATSC. Even though they advertise ATSC on the sellers website. I have one OTA yagi pointed to my local signal hill. We...
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    LNB Cover and wind

    Hi, I have a 10' Unimesh where I live. Its very windy. I'm down to 2 of the twist in clips that hold the LNB cover on. I've taken it off in the meantime to prevent it from blowing away. Any ideas as to where or what I could use as replacement clips? Also The wind seems to be loosening the F...
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    Anik F1R Radio channels

    I did a blind scan of Anik F1R last night and noticed quite a few new radio channels on this bird. They are scrambled. They have really cryptic descriptions. Anyone know what these stations might be? Sirius?
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    LNB fine tuning with meter

    Hello Experts, I have a question regarding fine tuning an LNB. I am trying to fine tune the LNB for C/KU band reception on a 10 foot unimesh dish. The dish tracks tracks the arc nicely from 83W - 135W. I have had the setup on C-band working okay for the past several years with a few different...