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    Hooking up 211K

    I am going to be returning my Hopper 3 and reinstalling my 211K. How do I rewire the the Hybrid LNB to work with my 211K? Thanks
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    Hoper 3 remote question

    I just upgraded from 722k to the Hopper 3 and trying to learn my way around the remote. I have 2 questions. 1. With the 722k remote I could use jump ahead 24 hours with the is this done with the Hopper remote? 2. Can I setup the guide to view just the HD channels or do I need to...
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    Joey is acting up

    My Joey for the last day or so has been freezing up and pixelating real bad. The Hopper is fine, the MoCA Signal is good. I have unplugged the Joey several times to reboot it and it has not changed my problem. Is it time to call Dish for a new Joey? Thanks
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    HWS and 211K Billing DIRT Help?

    I looked My Current Services section at DISH and saw a charge I have not seen before. I see a charge for $12.00 DVR service which is for the HWS I assume. I then see a "$7.00 HD Receiver" fee which is new and I have never seen before. Prior to getting my HWS I had a 722K and a 211K and was...
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    New Hopper Install ?

    Just completed getting my new Hopper Installed and all went well...... but I have a question. I have tried to take the External Hard drive from 211K and transfer the recordings from the 211K Hard drive to my new Hopper.......but for some reason the Hardrive is not being found by the Hopper? I...
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    DIRT Assistance

    I'm looking for some assistance..... If a DIRT member comes here please PM me.
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    Adding another receiver

    I want to add a 211K which I have used before to my account but have a question. I have recently been switched from Weatern Arc to Eastern Arc.... when I now plug in my 211K it shows the Western Arc 110, 119, 121 Sats. How do I get the 211K to see the 61.5 and 71 Sats which are being seen by...
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    Looking for NEW DIRT Assistance.

    I was working yesterday with a DIRT rep on why I cannot receive any of the Top 250 HD channels. Unfortunately that DIRT Rep is not working today and I still need assistance. If there is another DIRT Rep who would like to assist me, please let me know. Thank You in advance!
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    Looking for DIRT assistance

    I am trying to change from the Smartpack with Heartland to Top 250 package. While on the Smartpack and Heartland I could view the Smartpack Locals in HD and the Heartland Package in HD. Since I switched over to the Top 250 Package....which I did this morning........ the only channels I now...
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    Adding a VIP211K

    I currently have 2 722K DVR's. I also have a VIP211K with EHD which I own and had activated several years ago but no longer use. I was wondering if I added the 211K with the EHD and dropped one of the 722K's would I save any money? I use the 722K OTA module and wonder if the 211K OTA...
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    722K OTA Tuner and Cable Lifeline ?

    Can my cable lifeline work if it's plugged into a 722K OTA Module?
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    E-Mail Confirmation for Install on Wed......but doesn't list the 722K I asked for?

    In an earlier post I discussed coming back to DISH and being sked for install on 4 April. When I called and spoke to the CSR I specifically asked for the 722K receiver which I will be leasing. In the confirmation e-mail it says that I am sked to have a 622/722 receiver installed. This...
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    Switching back to DISH from COMCAST.

    I am setup for Wed to have DISH come out and install a 722K and I had a couple of questions. 1. I am going to be keeping a cable lifeline connection like I had with Comcast before, but since the last time I had DISH, Comcast has switched from analog to digital signal. When I had Dish/Comcast...
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    Dothan AL HD

    Like many of the other smaller markets DISH does not carry any of the local stations in Dothan AL in HD, (although DIRECT, and COMCAST do)... Any thoughts on when this might change? I was hoping it might happen in 2011, but it's not looking to good..... maybe in 2012? Thanks.
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    SD picture quality?

    I have just started getting our missing CBS station WTVY in SD and I gotta tell ya the picture is really terrible even when compared to other SD channels. I have a 722k and a SONY 52" HD LCD tv and was wondering if there is anything I can do to try and improve the picture quality or is this...
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    New HD Local Markets?

    I was wondering if anyone knew if DISH was going to provide anymore new HD local markets anytime soon...... Dothan, AL is one I have been waiting for?
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    Injunction what?

    The court has lifted the Distant Networks Injunction, and now those of us in the Short Markets will be allowed to receive our missing channels...... so anybody now what DISh is waiting for????.... didn't they have a plan on what to do if the Court lifted the injunction????......flip the darn...
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    Short Markets

    With the start of the NFL season just a few weeks away I was wondering if anyone knew how things are going with the FCC resolving the Distant Networks issue for those of us in the Short Markets? I was hoping to be able to get our missing CBS station out of Dothan, Al this year for the NFL...
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    Will DISH ever add Significantly Viewed Channels?

    With the Senate passing the STELA bill I was wondering if anyone could comment on whether or not DISH might once again provide those of us living in the Panama City Fl DMA with CBS which for us comes out of Dothan AL DMA? Up until Dec 2006 DISH did provide the CBS signal from Dothan which the...
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    722 Install Problem

    I had a new 722 installed today around noontime and all went well but at 7:00PM local I noticed I was unable to pick-up any of my local Panama City, FL HD Channels. All the other HD channels are fine, but no HD locals. I called DISH and they asked me to tell them which 3 sats I showed, one...