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    BBC America HD Deal w/ Time Warner

    And consider yourself lucky as Cablevision in CT. will proably be 2099:rant:
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    New HD: TCM-HD, BigTenNet, CartoonNetHD, MSNBCHD

    Both TCM HD & MSNBC HD will be welcome additions but I guess I will be the 1st to say...& STILL no BBC America yet!!! not even SD or hopefully they will be waiting for the HD channel to start up & then add both @ the same time. :cool:
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    dvr set up

    You can record when the box is on but not when the box is off...a guy @ work had the same problems & it was b/c he was trying to record the SDV /international & ppv channels that might be the problems here..but if its on all channels ..then you have a bigger problem ..I would just switch out...
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    Cablevision goes HD crazy!

    AND Still No ...BBC AMERICA!!!! in SD or HD for that matter
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    Web modem tele light

    thanx for the reply... then it must be the modem itself since I just have tv & internet ... never had the ov phone option
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    Web modem tele light

    today the telephone light on the Modem has started flashing & I don't have the phone option .it never did this B4...can anyone offer a clue as to what going on ....thanx.
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    Extra Charge for Premium ON DEMAND

    I think its to pay for all the "free" HD channels we are getting & w/ all those promo channels we have (c-net, navy, barbie, etc., etc.) that those companies are subsudizing some of CVs lineup. :cool:
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    Anyway to get discounted rates?

    :eek: Ok....Why are you paying $29.85 for 2 DVRs...I have 2 DVRs (CV in Ct.) 1 HD & 1 SD & I only pay $19.98 (2 X $9.98) a month for the dvr service alone ...
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    wierd thing happening with DVRs

    It is just doing its updates... as I have the same thing happening to mine...CV always will do its things @ the early hours when the least number of people are using the system...& if you are up watching tv@ around 2 am. you will get an message pop-up that the DVR will power down & then ask you...
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    new channels/services

    CC HD is also live in the Norwalk, CT. system....happy viewing!!
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    Rumor, Unofficial, unconfirmed and unverified....Speculation on the next wave of...

    Hopefully the HD channels that are to be added will include: MGM....Smithsonian ... A&E...History... Bio...Military, etc....but then you know w/ CV they will probably put up the cheapest cost (to them) channels that they can find just to fill the slots & then say "look @ how many HD we have...
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    VOOM...NO MORE!!!

    And lets hope that w/ the new channels that CV has finally come to its senses & that they will NOT be in that frakin' SDV b.s. that never worked :cool:
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    new channels/services

    MLB is now up & "live" (preview) on the Norwalk CT. system SD #149 HD #790 :D:cool:
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    new channels/services

    Then its not the one that is to be added on 1/1/09 (since you stated 12/16-18) & you got this good news from where? :cool:
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    new channels/services

    I thought that MLB was to be stared on Jan. 1st 09... do you mean the Baseball Channel or are they just the same thing :cool:
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    New NBC-HD suite channels plus Golf HD

    Yes that one along with USA too... so we can expect the rest of the NBC family of channels to to the same btw isn't A&E & History part of NBC or are they owned by ABC (Disney)?
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    New NBC-HD suite channels plus Golf HD

    Yes I found that out today that they switch between SD & HD formats along w/ the logos.. I don't really like it as none of the other channels do this as it makes it look like they(CV/programers) are trying to put one over on us but I guess its all for the best ...oh well on to the next...
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    New NBC-HD suite channels plus Golf HD

    ..I think that everyone is missing the point of my post ...I have Ch.#748 (SCIFI "HD") on the Norwalk,Ct. system now & @ the lower right hand side it just has the SCIFI logo & NOT... SCIFI HD as it should as I have seen that logo on other systems ...& you would still see the HD logo to idenify...
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    New NBC-HD suite channels plus Golf HD

    UPDATE!... upon viewing the SCIFI HD channel I noticed that the logo in the lower corner does not say SCIFIHD just plain old SCIFI ..Is CV pulling a fast one on us here & just pushing the SD channel into the #748 HD channel slot & since the PQ does not look all that much different ....just w/...
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    New NBC-HD suite channels plus Golf HD

    The new channels are up & running in the Norwalk,CT system as of the morning of 12/4. so you guys will be the next for sure :cool: