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    setting up 1000.4 with a vip211

    We are trying to hook up a 1000.4 dish to a vip211 receiver. We ran one cable from the receiver to port 1 on the lnbf. We get signal and locked on from 72 satellite but can't lock on 77 or 61.5. To properly align the dish should we cover the 2 outside lnd's to ensure we are getting satellite 72...
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    setting up hd satellite at camper

    We have Dish Network HD at home. I called Dish to see if we could set it up at the camper and they said even though the dish will be stationary they can't service 5th wheels. We have set dishes up before ourselves so we thought we would try and I wondered if anyone could tell me exactly what we...
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    Only seeing 110 on both satellites

    We removed the switch and ran a cable from each lnb to the receiver and still get 110 on both lnb. We even put in legacy lnbs and still with the same results. We just cant find 119.
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    Only seeing 110 on both satellites

    We are trying to hook our dish 500 system to our camper. We had it up but was only picking up half the channels so we thought we would move it. We have a 311 receiver and dish pro lnb. We have a sw21 switch. We are picking up 110 with signal but we cant pick up 119. If we do pick up a signal...
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    upgrading from legacy

    We want to hook up 4 tv's. We currently have a 625 receiver hooked up to 2 tv's. We have legacy lnb and a 21 switch. We are thinking of buying the 322 receiver that would let us use that on 2 additional tv's. What would be the best switch and lnb's to buy to upgrade from the legacy so we can...
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    625 no longer working on 2 tv's

    I should have been specific. We don't have a seperater. We have 2 seperate feeds coming from the dish and going to the receiver. From there we have seperate lines running from the receiver to the 2 tv's. It is puzzling.
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    625 no longer working on 2 tv's

    I have a 625 receiver hooked up to 2 tv's and it has been working fine for a couple years. All of a sudden last month I noticed that I can't watch the 2 tv's at the same time. The satellite will work if I have one tv turned on at a time. If I turn both on then the last one that is turned on will...
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    311 receiver to a dish 500

    Thank you for the info Thanks so much for your information. I was getting confused if I had the correct correct switch with our equipment. We tried it again last night and did what was advised of us to test the switch only on 119 then we would have 110. That is exactly what happened. We were...
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    311 receiver to a dish 500

    We are trying to connect a dish network system to our rv. We have a 311 receiver and a dish 500 with the SW21 switches. First, is this ok or do the switches have to be dish pro switches? I was confused reading some posts. When we tried to hook it up we received a signal and thought everything...
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    CBS Just Showed UP

    I was wondering if Congress had passed something or what I missed. I have signed up with NPS and am receiving all networks. I looked the other day and all of my distant networks from Dish are there. No clue. I don't want to end up paying for 2 network so I shall see. First we have nothing....
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    What is with All American on Distants?

    received rv waiver I faxed the rv waiver on December 19th. They said it may take a couple of weeks. I called them on December 29th and they had just approved them and turned them on. I was so happy. It was worth the wait. I called the customer service number as I didn't want to leave a message...
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    Off air antenna with dish dvr 622

    Tried going through satellite with OTA with no luck We went out and bought an indoor antenna just to see what would happen. We were able to pick up 2 good stations and 2 with fuzz. We may need a better indoor antenna but this was just a try out! We tried to put it in the antenna of the...
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    Off air antenna with dish dvr 622

    update on antenna offered by DISH and what antenna to buy? Thank you for all your replies. You are very helpful. I am trying to figure out what antenna is best. I live in Corning, NY 14830. Below is what AntennaWeb told me. I alos called Dish to see what their free antenna is. This makes no...
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    Off air antenna with dish dvr 622

    I have Dish network with a 622 dvr and I have lost my distance network channels and I am not in an area to get local channels through Dish. When I go to All American Direct or to DirectTv to see if I qualify to get distant networks from them they say that I can get the signal using an antenna so...
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    hooking up a 625 and a 510 receiver

    I have a 625 dual tuner and a 510 that I am trying to hook up. I have a dish pro quad lnb dish and 2 cables running into the house. How can I hook up all three receivers on these two lines. I wondered what my options were. I read that a DPP44 switch and a separator would allow me to run the 625...