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    NBA TV HD channels missing from guide in Puerto Rico

    Does anyone have information on why I don't see the NBA TV free preview HD channels in my guide for Puerto Rico? 110/119/61.5
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    Vip 211 EHD DVR question

    Hi to all, I am watching a program and it is near the end. The DVR is recording normally like it always does so that I can skip back anytime I want. Now the question is this. I press record and a message appears saying that it will record the remaining of the program. I click Yes and it...
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    Scifi HD and USA HD available in Puerto Rico

    Hi to all, I just noticed channels 5502 USA HD and 5503 SCIFI HD. Is this another test from Dish? or these are permanent channels? I hope this is the start of more HD channels for Puerto Rico and USVI customers. Nice day to all!
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    Channel 75 HIDEF

    I just saw in the guide, channel 75, but its content is blocked in Puerto Rico. I am still waiting for Dish to change the HDPak for the Essentials HD pack to the Puerto Rico / US Virgin Islands area. Does anyone have more information about channel 75 or when Dish is going to let us have the...
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    Question HD Puerto Rico

    Hi all, I currently have the HD pak in PR (only 5 hd channels) and I have a dish pointed to the 61.5 location. How can I get the new HD channels, Discovery HD, TLC HD, etc... ? What do I have to tell Dish CSR when I call? Will I lose the HDNET Movies channel if I get the new HD channels...
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    Help... offers for current customers to upgrade my 811

    Hi all, I would like to know my options for upgrading my dp811. I am in the Puerto Rico area. Charges involved with upgrade, dvr, non-dvr, etc. Thanks in advance!
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    Boxing: Trinidad vs Jones / Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands / HD: 9467 blocked

    As you may know by now, Dish is transmitting the PPV Boxing: Trinidad vs. Jones on channels SD: 455/472 and HD: 9467 tonight January 19. The interesting part is that Dish is blocking those channels in Puerto Rico (PR) and the US Virgin Islands (VI), during the Boxing PPV event. If you live in...
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    Unfair Dish'n it Up for Puerto Rico's customers

    Is there an offer for upgrading my 811 to a 622 with no lease, for free? I don't think I have to pay for a new receiver, if Dish is going to charge me $10/month more for the extra HD channels, plus I need to buy a 6-foot dish for getting 61.5. I just called Dish and they told me that there was...
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    Software Version P3.32 for DP811

    PARTIAL PHASE Thursday, December 1st source:
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    Dish Model 811 - P2.89 Software Update

    This information is from Dish Network TechPortal obtained on July 6, 2005 at 1:07 PM (GMT -4). "7/05/2005: 1720 Software Version P2.89 for DP811 Effective Thursday, July 7th, Engineering plans to spool the FIRST PHASE of software version P2.89 for the DP811 receiver. This is primarily a...