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    Spot Beam Question

    I asked this question in another thread last week but never received a reply so I will try here. What does the green line on the spot beam maps mean? This is not the inner line(circle) but the outer circle. Specifically I am looking at Sat 61.5 Transponder 21 and Spot 61 for St. Louis locals. I...
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    St. Louis HD Locals

    I am getting a signal strength(locked on 61.5) of 52 on Transponder 21 on satellite 61.5. According to the list this is the transponder that the St. Louis HD locals are on and on spotbeam 61 which I am locked on. When I check the signal strength on Transponder 21 it does take a few minutes to...
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    Spot Beam Assistance Needed

    If you are in the St. Louis DMA and are receiving the STL HD channels on 61.5 would you check transponder 21 to see if you indeed get a Lock on the spot beam signal. I live in the northern fringe area and get a green(strong) signal of 61 on transponder 21 but I can not get a Lock on the spot...
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    Looking for Installer in Quad Cities, Ia.

    I am looking for someone to install a new Shaw Direct system in Davenport, Ia. Would prefer an installer who is experienced and who would do a roof install. I used to have a Bell system but gave it up a few years ago when they raised prices. Now it looks as if Shaw is the way to go. Thanks in...
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    211k Inital Problem

    Just purchased a 211k and I am having problems in getting beyond the WARNING..Vital program information will now be downloaded into your receiver. Do not disturb or unplug the receiver until this screen disappears. My problem is the screen has not disappeared as it it stuck on the Status...
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    61.5 Wing Dish

    Can I use a KTI 75 cm Antenna(Dish) for a 61.5 wing dish? The LNB is a CM2500 and it says it is compatible with Directv but it doesn't state that it would work with a dish system. I want to improve the signal on 61.5 and currently have a regular size dish on the wing hooked up to a Western Arc...
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    129 Sat Question

    I have a wing 61.5 dish attached to a Dpp44 with a 1000+dish getting 110,119, and 118. Can I just reattach my 129 to the Dpp44 on Port 4 by removing the 118 wire and put the 129 wire in the same port?
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    61.5 With Dish 1000+

    I currently have a 61.5 dish coupled with a Dish 1000 via a dp44 switch. On Monday I am having a Dish 1000+ installed but I am being told that I can not keep the 61.5 dish active along with the new 1000+ Dish as there is no way to couple them(I am wanting to keep the 61.5 for CBS-HD I have via...