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    Fios Quantum Router or Nighthawk x6s ac3000

    I don't use fios tv, just the internet. Would I see a benefit to the Netgear router over the quantum. Anyone compare these? I also have an open mesh system (three units) throughout the house because verizon put the router in the garage originally. Any thoughts would be great as I'm not sure...
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    DISH Adds Multi-Room Music to Hopper DVR

    How about putting Netflix on the Joey 4k! It's only been about a year.
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    Still getting audio out of snyc with Hopper3 and sharp 70 in led lcd

    Happens like clock work. Never on netflix ran via hopper 3 or blu ray to tv or fire stick to tv. Somethings wrong with it.
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    4K Joey Netflix...........

    Bunch of crap. Lets put the youtube channel on and not netflix on 4k joey as promised. It's coming up on a year..
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    Using a splitter for three and possibly four 4k Joeys that are in the same location

    Dish would not allow me to have 2 hopper 3 on my account. Prior to getting hopper3 I had two hopper 2 and one joey.
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    What the heck with the Hopper 3 recording SD, when no SD channel exists

    It was set for all channels. I have a video I could upload but I keep being told it's not an acceptable format.
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    What the heck with the Hopper 3 recording SD, when no SD channel exists

    So, I set my dvr to record 406-01 (the Pac 12 channel a couple weeks ago) When I goto watch via playback, it's it unbearable SD----For that matter, wtf is stuff still being broadcasted in such crappy definition???? IT'S TERRIBLE. In any case I thought maybe there was an issue with the actual...
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    Having to reboot all the time due to black screen recordings

    I have to reboot at least once a day because any show that has been recorded is a black screen. After a reboot, they play fine. Dish=no help. I've asked for a replacement Hopper 3. I think it's just crappy coding.
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    Hopper 3 - Corrupted Recordings - Error 04

    I've been getting this error and after calling the support line, they sent a tech out as they stated it was the signal. That was 4-2-2016. I told them it was a waste of time since it was checked twice by the installers that had to come out twice when I got the hopper 3 (been with dish since...
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    Original Hopper and Sling with diplexers to add off air/cable?

    Wanted to know if it's possible to use diplexers to tie in an off air or cable signal on the same wire as used for the joey and hopper so the tv can change inputs and goto off air or cable in my RV? Can this be done and any diagrams would be awesome for the RV installers. Thanks Don
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    Why no netflix on the joey 4k but it's on the joey 2.0?

    I guess I'm saying that they released the transfer of recordings from hopper to hopper via ethernet app, and its there but doesn't work. Things like that annoy me. I tried for four hours trying to get it to work only to find it's there but not functional. Why not just release a fully...
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    Why no netflix on the joey 4k but it's on the joey 2.0?

    Return the 4k Joey and get a Joey 2.0 or wait? Just can't believe they'd release it without having the feature.
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    Why no netflix on the joey 4k but it's on the joey 2.0?

    Why release it if it's not up to par. Why release things but they are not functional only to have to send updates to activate them (ethernet transfer of recordings from one hopper to another?)
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    Telephone tested but wont display caller id?

    I test a phone right at plug that goes into Hopper 3 and when I get a phone call doesn't work. I know the phone line works. Settings are done right.
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    Hopper 3 is the new 52.0 remote vs. the old 40.0?

    Its either the remote or unit but the Joey2.0 with the 40 remote was much better. The 4k joey and 40 remote sucks in range. Anyone else experience this?
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    Is hopper 3 better/faster than the joey2.0 hooked up to it?

    Upgraded to 4k joey. Might go back. The 40.0 remote (why it did not come with the 52.0 I have no idea) doesn't work as well as it does on the joey 2.0. Maybe its the unit and not remote but its range sucks so any quickness in the 4k newer unit is irrelevant.
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    Is hopper 3 better/faster than the joey2.0 hooked up to it?

    That's what I thought. Any idea on 4K Joey vs the Joey 2.0? Thanks also for the info
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    Got same audio out of sync on Hopper 3 as I did on Hopper 2

    Audio goes ahead of video; same as it did on hopper 2. Called hopper 3 tech and they say they are working on it. Netflix from it never has prob, nor does a blu ray or built in smart tv part. Anyone else have this problem. Doesn't matter if its recorded or live. Also, could not get the...
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    Is hopper 3 better/faster than the joey2.0 hooked up to it?

    Just wondering if the UI is better on the hopper 3 or joey 2.0 in terms of speed etc? I'm thinking of moving the hopper 3 from the family room to my theater room's rack cause it will fit better in the rack unless its not as good.
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    Chime in those that either switch from fios or to fios from Dish

    Spent a few days checking it and re-checking. I'm paying $117 for 75/75 and telephone (I'm month to month now). If I bump up for 2 years and add tv their ultimate plus all movies with quantum, 12 recorder, It comes in at $205 for two years. I'm guessing that's sans tax so maybe another $15...