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    University Channel

    where do i find the University channel, and what is it?
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    Hello where can I find the olympics on Glorystar? I know that you don't have them, but where can I scan to find them? Thanks!
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    Router for Glorystar

    Hello i have a situation, we have GloryStar. but we only have one line coming into the house, but we want to move the TV across to the other side of the room, but there is no cable connection over there, when they built the house they did not put one there. So my question is, Is there such a...
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    I have question? How do i transfer what is on the DVR on to a DVD from a DVD recorder? i want to free up space on the DVR! But i don't want to delete what is on there. Thanks!:confused:
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    Has anyone heard as to when they will release the OTA, so the receiver will automatically download any new channels that comes along!
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    GloryStar OTA

    Hello, does anyone know when glorystar will be releasing there OTA, so we can download any new channels without going to each satelitte to download?
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    Trying to pick up IA5

    I recently had a FTA dish equipment from Glorystar installed, but the installers are having a hard time getting the transponder for Miracle Channel and others. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks!