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    SKYWAYUSA is a joke much time has passed and they're still up to their old ways I am helping a family member get high-speed internet and stumbled across this thread. It is a shame that skywayusa is up to their old tricks, charging for things that are supposed to not be billable, double charging people...
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    SW-10 Internet Modem Questions

    might get in but..... we might be able to change things around, but SkyFx uses the starconnect vpn strategy. I don't think, even if we can change the configurations of the sw10's, that it will be useful with skyfx
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    SW-10 Internet Modem Questions

    networking config password going from memory here (I'll confirm tonight and post again) try: swn3twork1ng swn3tworking swnetwork1ng you rock on the config pw, btw maybe the sw10 I have in my junk pile is worth something after all!
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    Anyone using SkyWay USA? How is it?

    I have been a skyway USA customer for about a year now. I live in a rural location, putting me out of reach for cable and DSL. I am behind a SLICK, so I only have 28.8 dialup service for the outbound connection. I am on the skyway USA bronze plan, 200 kbps for 29.99 a month. I...