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    "Moved"; may need repair

    So, I "moved" last year so I can get SNY for the Mets games (stupid really, I live on the border of NYC and Philly Markets and can get both from Comcast, but I digress). When I do a system info, my 61.5 LNB shows that drift was detected (e -9). Things work fairly well for now (I tend to lose...
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    Thinking about Comcast... Internet, that is

    Don't panic! I'm extremely happy with my Dish service (the 622 user experience completely blows away my old Comcast iGude), but I'm less than happy with my current Verizon DSL (I'm on the borderline of a serviceable area). So, I'm looking at moving back to Comcast HSI. What I wanted to do is try...
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    Guess it's unofficially official... HistoryHD

    Happened to load the DishNetwork homepage and they have a new flash ad... "Get The History Channel HD and 37 of your other favorites" with a link to the HD packages page... except that page doesn't show HistoryHD (didn't think they launched it yet) and only up to 34 HD channels, not 38 (History...
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    Few questions while making up my mind :)

    So I've been hemming and hawing and now that my 'please stay with us' discount with Comcast is finally ending I'm once again looking at Dish Network. I live on the border of Mercer and Middlesex counties in NJ (*in* Mercer, but I can literally throw a rock into Middlesex). Mercer is considered...
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    Considering my options

    Hey all, I'm currently on a Comcast promotion that expires in March and was weighing my options after that. After looking over DirecTV and Dish Network, signs are pointing to E* being my best bet. Anyhow, the last time I looked at what E* was offering was a few years ago, so obviously things...