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    Dish, get your 4K S*** together...

    I could not get the channel down trick to work. All it did was to actually change the channel. I tried many times with the same result.
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    Need some advice on a disc screw-up

    We had the same thing happen with Ken Burn's Prohibition series. Disk 1 was in a Disk 2 sleeve. Reported the problem and sent back the disk with a note included describing the issue. A few days later, they sent back the errant disk with a note indicating that we did not return the proper...
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    Portland KATU - any progress?

    It was from the 2/4/09 Dish Retailer Chat. I am in Cheshire and also do not have line of sight. I can pick up the Corvallis PBS station OTA, but no Eugene. I am really hoping that Dish does turn on the HD locals in...