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    Enter To Win a BOXEE BOX by DLINK!

    Merry Christmas everyone and a happier new year!!!!
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    Thanksgiving Contest - Free Glorystar DSR100c System - Enter to Win! Ends 12.1.2008

    Why, my favorite Thanksgiving is always the one coming up. Having dinner with friends and their families as my wife and I have no reletives close by. Also I will give thanks if I win this system !!!!
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    622 can't rewind skip back on NBC HD

    Damm it, it was happening again on the Dallas game yesterday afternoon. I hope they get this crap fixed.
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    622 can't rewind skip back on NBC HD

    Yep, I am in the OKC DMA also. Very frustrating last night, not being able to pause any local channels. Wifee said it was working OK this morning. I will check it out at noon today (at work now). Also recorded locals off satellite last night jumped to the end without playing. Hopefully my...
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    Banned from

    And I don't even think I ever posted there. Anybody from that can help? The message I get when I go there is: You have been banned for the following reason: Spam Date the ban will be lifted: Never If Blu-ray was receiving spam from my computer I need to know it so I can...
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    Special Free System of the Week Contest Ends 7.7.2008 - Satellite AV

    While growing up, my most memorable 4th of July was when we were visiting relatives in Fort Worth. We managed to set a field on fire with the fireworks. Much excitement with my Grand Father and my two uncles fighting the fire until the fire truck got there.
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    What was the point in that Planet Green Countdown Clock?

    The countdown clock was very distracting. Kinda in your face thing. Glen Beck had the Alaska Governor on a few days ago and she WANTS ANWAR drilled. There ain't crap to hurt in that area so I say drill away. It is only a couple thousand acres they are talking about anyway. This green...
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    Enter to Win: M-II Motorized FTA System $280 valuereceivers - Endng 6/30/08

    I want to win. Because I'm a cheap bastage and won't/can't give up the coin to buy one of these.
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    DishNetwork Uplink Activity Report - 5/22/2008 4:09pm - 49 changes

    And here I was thinking it was too late for anything to happen. By the way what DID just happen?
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    NBC Universal Partners With DISH Network to Expand Interactive Advertising Footprint

    How the heck are we gonna get coupons out of this service? I use the skip button , and yeah if something catches my eye I will watch the ad.
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    Walmart and Blu-Ray

    Our local Walmart up to a couple of weeks ago had a small display with HD-DVD movies alongside the Blu-Ray movies. When I went in I did not find the display at all?? Kinda looked around and found no Hd players of either flavor. This weekend I again looked and finally asked a sales clerk...
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    VIP722 with composite cables

    While you are waiting on your cable, just for S's and Giggles, try using the composite cables on your component outputs/inputs. You might be surprised. :up
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    Something is Coming on Wednesday...

    I don't think Scott would have kept that a "secret" from his wife. :D
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    Surprise Entry Time XBOX 360 - ENTER TO WIN NOW!

    Yeah, I would like to have this. Thanks.
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    GRAND PRIZE - DishStore.NET Giveaway!

    Yup, count me in: would like to win the DishStore.NET grand prize!!
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    Harmony Remotes vs 622 remote

    Ditto on the 880. Easy to set up also.
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    Have your 5 Free HD-DVD Movies arrived?

    OK !!! Thanks!! Darn it though, I liked the walmart selection better. Oh Well, free is free.
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    Have your 5 Free HD-DVD Movies arrived?

    Maybe stupid question, but which form did you all turn in on the Walmart bought players? The one on shows an expiration date of Oct 07.