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    Dish HD vs Voom HD

    I have the Dish HD package and was wondering with Voom having so many more channels is it worth changing to Voom. Thanks for the info.... Ron C.
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    811 patch not till end of MAY! or LATER!

    I e-mailed Dish this morning about when some of the problems are going to be addressed with the 811 like the Darkness and the OTA guide problem and when the next patch will be out. This is what I got. "Thank you for your email correspondence. Our engineering department is aware of this issue...
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    Dish 811 and optical output

    I have a Sony 5.1 amplifier that has just one optical input, but have 3 devices that I want to hook up to it. The 811,508 and my DVD player. Right now I just have the 811 going to it. Is there a device that I can buy that can take all 3 into 1 withoout much problems or money? Ron
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    811 and 265 software update

    The only problem I see with my 811 is the new problem with the Themes and it looping on getting info from the sat. Is there many more bugs left out there that I have not come across? Ron :rolleyes:
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    811 Outputs DVI vs YPbPr Component

    Which is better? Is there a noticable difference? I currently do not have a DVI cable and was wondering if it is worth the extra money. Thanks Ron :)
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    Thinking of Switching To Direct TV

    I am thinking about switching to D* and wanted to know if they have or will have in the very near future any good deals for customers who want HD. I have an HDTV and would like to see an offer like E* is offering the new customers only and that is the free dish and a HD reciever and a regular...
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    HD DVR Tivo release date?

    I am looking at switching to Direct from Dish and wanted to know is the release date for the new HD DVR Tivo been set. I had heard it was March 1st but is this a real date or just a estamate. And do you think they will have it in supply when it is released? I am tired of the supply problem and...
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    Poor Picture Quality

    I have a friend that has a problem with very bad picture quality with his Dish system. He has a older 2700 and a 508 and the picture looks bad on both units. I mean they look somewhat ok but they should be alot better. The best way to describe it is that there is almost a blurry look to the...
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    811 Waiting List at Dish-How long?

    811 Waiting List at Dish-How long? Oops wrong Forum My neighbor called Dish last night and was told they still did not have the 811's in stock but was put on a waiting list. Anyone know how long the wait is now days for the 811's when purchasing them thru Dish? He is an existing customer and...
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    508 and 811 with 2 TV's

    :) I have a 508 connected to my TV in my bedroom and just on the other side of the wall is my HDTV with an 811. I want to be able to still use the 508 on my HDTV for watching non HD recorded programs and also on my bedroom TV. I know the remote is a UHF remote so the signal will get sent to thru...
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    Feel like Dish has abandoned their current customers

    :( I have been with Dish for about 5 years and have been pretty much satisfied with the service. So much so that I purchased a PVR about a year ago and love it. So this year was the year for my family to upgrade to High Def. I planned it all out to buy a Mitsubishi WS-55413 which does not have...