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    Dish DVR Vs. Cox DVR Vs. TiVo?

    It can be enabled following these steps: 1. Press the CBL button, then press and hold Setup until the CBL button blinks twice 2. Enter 9-9-4. The CBL button will blink twice 3. Hit (Do Not Hold) the Setup button, then enter 0-0-1-7-3 (for 30 second Skip ahead) 4. Press the desired...
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    New Comcast HD channels

    It never said 800 channels it said 800 offerings. probably includes all events and movies on channels and on demand. please read next time.
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    Audit Department HELL!

    I feel enlightened just reading your posts. I am sure your aspirations are too much for anyone here to handle. Your words almost broke my monitor. I have to go, I can't... handle.... your..... ass....pirations...
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    What the f*&% with the emergency broadcasts

    I seriously doubt verizon is to blame, they do not make the emergency broadcasts. Emergency people/police/local government do. And if you had comcast or another local cable provider, you would have gotten the same message too. Your spat is aimed at the wrong people.
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    Current Dishin It Up Extended Through August 14, 2007

    Was supposed to end May 31st.
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    Dish 625 and S Video

    lol classic. great to see you your issue was resolved.
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    LNB Drift...Is Dish Tech support answer correct?

    According to our stellar training, if it exceeds +8 or -8, free "LNB Drift Service Call." Other wise, we do nothing.
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    best offer to become a Dish customer

    We need more people like you :up
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    Thinking about AEP...but need to verify some things.

    There is no such thing as a mirror fee. All hd receivers usually have a 6$ hd lease fee or 6$ hd add'l outlet fee assessed per receiver unless it was the primary receiver at install.
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    LNB Drift...Is Dish Tech support answer correct?

    Our latest rules are like the first post. If it is greater than 8.00 then we sound out a tech for free to replace as long as signal loss is occurring. Less than 8 says we don't replace or send tech. But the numbers can change.
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    Returning E* equipment - they want LNBF?

    You do NOT have to return the LNB if it is due to a safety issue. Call DISH, tell them you can't return it because it is too high, they will make a note of it. If they charge you for it they can adjust it off. It's that easy.
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    De La Hoya vs Mayweather

    1) 5$ 2) Yes you can order same event on more than 1 receiver without being charged twice. If double billed in error, call dish.
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    CEO@ email address gets results

    They are really awesome, If I can't resolve a complex issue with a customer I always refer them to that address. It does work as we have seen!
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    Has anyone got their rebate?

    I am adding all advice in these threads to the rebate advice thread. Thanks for all the awesome input.
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    Rebate Advice

    Lol, thanks for the input. I only added that tidbit because I saw some others post it. They were emphasizing it was important to have a record of it being delivered. If there are other ways to track it without it having to be signed for then that would do . I modified the post with your input.
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    After 7 lucky months, the hdmi connector crapped out...

    Replacement is most likely a refurb yes, and if so, then the receiver has not hardware updates whatsoever including an updated HDMI pin. Until they find out why hdmi fails, weigh the pros and cons of replacing. For example cost, losing recordings, inconvenience. If it isn't too inconvenient...
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    DVR fees..

    This was posted 10 minutes prior to a long private message sent to me from Zero... Although nothing needed to be said. :rolleyes: I figured zero would post my private message. But I will not post his private message, because it is what it is.... private. If he chooses to, he will post my 2nd...
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    Deactivating a receiver

    As someone stated, if it is the only receiver then yes it would cancel your account. If it was a dishinitup receiver, then it would violate the diu 18 month commitment. Otherwise you should be fine. Additionally, let's say you have a 625 and a 322. And you want to send back the 322, we would...
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    Rebate Advice

    I know a lot of people have been missing rebates. Here are some tips to ensure you get your deserved rebate in a timely manner. (If at some point you have to call dish network, go to technical support, not billing or customer service.) 1) Mail in the completed form to the address listed within...
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    Need Help! Moving - Currently have 1 TV - want to upgrade to 4 TVs

    You can definitely take the dish down and bring it with you. The installer may use your dish on the new location or install a new one him/her self. If you qualify for dishin it up, you could lease up to 3 add'l tuners. Do you have a 625/522 or a 501/508/510? If you have a 625/522 they could hook...