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    522 Closed Captioning Fix?

    Reset? Does the Reset have any other effects? I.e. does it lose any settings or timers you've programmed, etc.? Is this the same as the menu option to restore factory defaults? So far I've just unplugged the unit for a second or 2 to get my subtitles back.
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    522 Closed Captioning / Subtitles issue

    I've had a 522 for about 2 weeks now, and I've been doing a lot of recordings etc. (+/- 80hrs total) with no problems so far, except for the following: - short (1-2 sec)drops of audio/video, pretty much like everyone else seems to be experiencing. I can live with that, it's not really happening...
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    $148 for 522 lease upgrade???

    I have not verified this by checking for myself on the roof, but after some googling I think the setup is as follows: A Dish Pro Plus Twin LNBF for the 110/119 satellites ( A DishPro compatible single LNBF for the 61.5 satellite...
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    $148 for 522 lease upgrade???

    I just upgraded from a 4900 to a 522 this morning. I had a 2 dish setup (61.5 & 110/119), with 1 cable run to a single 4900. So I thought they'd have to run a second cable from the dishes to the 522 since it has 2 satellite inputs, but much to my surprise he simply installed a 'separator'...
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    Saving receiver setup information?

    I've programmed a lot of TP settings in my receiver, and I am wondering if there is a way to get information from the receiver transferred to a PC for backup purposes (so I can then move it back to the receiver if that would ever need to be reset). I have a DB9 female serial connection on the...
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    MPEG artifacts?

    I have finally completed the setup of my system, and have been watching FTA for a couple of days now. One thing I noticed is what I think are 'MPEG artifacts', i.e. with rapidly moving images I can see the image being updated in small square blocks of pixels. I didn't notice any of this when I...
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    Motor Degrees

    When I setup my SG2100 motor, I found that the angle markings on the motor are indeed 'approximate' - see attached image that shows the relation between the azimuth angle of the satellites I set up and the angle marking on the motor. Basically you can use the angle marking to get the dish 'in...
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    DiSEq limit setup on receiver - confused...

    Peter, thx for the reply. I wasn't going to use this function anyway, until I found that the Position button on the remote doesn't allow me to fine-tune into a channel unless I have set the limits for the satellite in question. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to live without that ;) Chris.
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    DiSEq limit setup on receiver - confused...

    On my receiver, in the Antenna Setup menu, there's a function for 'Limit Setup' that allows you to set the East and West limits for the motor. I'm confused how this works. Here's what happened: - I added a new satellite, and did not set up any limits - I went to channel search, moved the dish...
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    Anything on Anik F1/F2?

    I found Satmex5 and G10R tonight! Turned out I didn't have my SG2100 motor aligned correctly to true South, causing it to point the dish too low for these 2 satellites. Redid the true South alignment, and found them without problem. Thanks Peter! The only ones I would now like to find are...
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    Dish mounting question (roof)

    Awesome! Exactly what I need!! Thanks!! :) Chris.
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    Dish mounting question (roof)

    Getting ready to put the dish on the roof, and I realize I'll have another problem: Since the roof is sloped and I need to put the dish on the back side of the house, it'll be pointing towards the rooftop. Also, the SG2100 motor lowers the dish on the standard mount. As a result I need a...
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    Anything on Anik F1/F2?

    For SatMex5 and G10R, can you give a couple of freq/pol/SR that are likely to be active tomorrow evening? I'll be continuing my search then. Thanks! Chris.
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    Anything on Anik F1/F2?

    I'm setting up my system (30" Ku dish with SG2100), and have found most of the satellites between 74 W and 103 W. I'm now trying to go more West, but am having trouble finding anything (I'm at 84W, so the elevation angles get quite a bit smaller as I move more to the West). Are there any active...
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    SG2100 question

    The scale from -80 to +80 on the SG2100, does that have any relation to Azimuth degrees? E.g. Azimuth 180 is due South, i.e. 0 on the SG2100 scale. Basically, I'm wondering if e.g. Azimuth 210 would correspond to +30 on the SG2100 scale? Thx, Chris.
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    Satellite setup & transponders

    I installed my SG2100 this afternoon & started searching for a couple of satellites - I have IA5/6, AMC3/4/6 so far, all with very good quality reception. I have a couple of questions though: 1) for satellites that are not in the receiver (e.g. Galaxy10R), I'll have to add it myself. But...
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    more detailed equipment questions

    Ac-3 Oh, about the Coship CDVB5300B - it does have both S-Video and AC-3 after all. The AC-3 is an optical digital out connection (aka. SPDIF or TosLink). So the doc is right after all :)
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    Installation problems... who can help?

    Hooray!!! Hooray!! I found IA-5 tonight! Actually, it was my wife who helped me find it! I'm almost too ashamed to tell the story, but here goes anyway... - there's a morale to the story... I had setup the test system in my garage, facing out to the sky. I'd tried about everything I could...
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    Fortec 5600 v2

    If the RCA connections (yellow/white/red) don't work, the scart won't work either. Both are outputting the same signal (PAL in this case). The original poster mentioned that the RCA connections don't work. What is the problem: no image at all, or a rolling image, or something else? If no...
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    Installation problems... who can help?

    Lnbf On the Coship, there are 3 options for LNBF: 1) Normal 2) Univ. 3) LNBF If I select LNBF, the LO frequencies are fixed to 5150/5750 I believe - I can't change them If I select Univ, it fixes the LO frequencies to 9750/10600 - I can't change them If I select Normal, it puts the LO...