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    CE for 1/13 Weekend

    Almost done... Doing the step 1 of 2
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    CE's for the Weekend of 11.4

    My front lights on hr24-100 are now off... Even though the receiver is on and working fine... I don't really mind... But it would be nice to have one light to know the receiver is in. Is this a feature of the new software or something weird that happened to me. They were on last night after I...
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    Ooops, premature ad by D*

    if you count the sunday ticket in hd and rsn's, it's pretty close to 70
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    H20 needs channel change fix

    check basically this is how it goes, you need to agree to all the terms and conditions on the CE's under no circumstances are you allowed to contact DTV CSR's about any support for this if you would like more info on how to do it, check out the CE section here or at DBStalk.
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    H20 needs channel change fix

    there is a new CE this weekend, update your box to the new CE and it will work like you want it to
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    D* HD Quality

    i know at the cc they have a cable box hooked up to like a 27" and same with D* HR20 hooked up to something similar.
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    D* HD Quality

    circuit city here in nashville does, they have comcast and dtv
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    H20-100 Needs a New Update

    you won't be able to update to the latest CE right now, if you do try to upgrade, it will get you back to the latest national release, and you don't want to do that. just wait for a new CE, no idea when it will be released.
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    H20-100 Needs a New Update

    2036 is latest....but you have to wait until the next CE to get the latest update.
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    H20-100 Needs a New Update

    i'm sorry, the fact that the hide sd duplicates not working was posted by several people here, but when i got home last night, i tested it and it is working properly, very nice feature on the h20-100
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    Will D* Use Some of the Additional Bandwidth for More SD Channels?

    i think the only way to get specialty channels like that (cnn international) is to go with a c-band dish setup, i don't think any provided will add those channels to their line-up
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    H20-100 Needs a New Update

    well, with the newest CE, there is the one button guide, and there is also supposed to be the feature to hide the sd channels if there is an hd channel available, but it's not working properly with the h20's yet, hopefully a software update fixes that issue. however i double we'll be seeing a...
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    Stupid Newbie question - rain!?

    i only experience picture loss during heavy thunderstorms, the installer that installed my dish said that that was the best signal he ever got while installing systems, i am getting upper 80's to mid 90's on the 103b, and don't remember the rest. you dish probably needs to be peaked.
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    question about new HD

    nice, thank you
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    question about new HD

    are the former channels like espn, espn2, tnt, in mpeg 4 or are they still in only mpeg 2? not at home now, thank you
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    Crunch Time - Wednesday 9/26/2007

    they will have pissed off people if they don't launch