110/119 Listings Post 129 Transition (Updated 4/13/2024)

To start the new year, I went through and checked all my channels, as well as updated all the data on posts 2-4 of this thread so we have an accurate representation on what is on Western Arc. The one thing I did is proactively removed all the holiday themed channels from the count (Yule logs, Dish Search, previous Dish Scapes). There were only a couple of national channels that switched transponders. Overall the Western Arc configuration has been very stable since the conversion was completed in July.

Update: the 1/3/2024 afternoon uplink removed all the remaining holiday channels
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For this afternoon's uplink, I see that Dish has re-linked the satellite EPG back to the OTA EPG channels here in Chicago. Previously Dish unlinked the NBC, Telemundo, and WGN EPG.
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I did my data check for changes at the end of January. The only changes were the dropping of China Global Television Network (both English and Spanish versions on 1/31/2024), and I also removed Pursuit, as we know that will be removed from satellite next week. For the channels I can check, I did not come across any channels that switched transponders or satellites.

In all, there is one less SD channel on 110, TP 03 (279 - English version of China Global Television Network); 110, TP 05 (884 - Spanish version of China Global Television Network), and 110, TP 10 (393 - Pursuit).
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Just did my data check for the end of February. The posts on the front end of this thread have been updated. Only a couple of changes during the month:

253SDCozi110, TP 24110, TP 03
950MusicCD1119, TP 16119, TP 19
956MusicCD7119, TP 16119, TP 19
958MusicCD9119, TP 16119, TP 19
966MusicCD17119, TP 16119, TP 19
974MusicCD25119, TP 16119, TP 19

We know next week BBC World News (281) will be moved to streaming, and 110 TP 21 will free up one SD spot.
Sorry for the delay in checking this - I try to do it close to the 1st weekend of each month, but this month I am a little behind. Nothing new in terms of changes outside of Merit Street Media being added to 119, TP 20, which now maxes that transponder out at 16 HD channels; and BBC World News was removed and made streaming only.
This past week Dish removed channels 144 and 145 - they were the ESPN alternate channels. I don't recall the last time they were used. In the past they were used for the reverse mirrors of games on ABC/ESPN2 as well as the women's NCAA basketball tournament. But the past couple of years those games have all been on ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, and ABC.
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