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Jan 17, 2005
I just got Dish to relocate my Super dish 121. The tech who came to do the job said that they don't make any super dishes any more and all the international channels from the 121 will be shifting to the 118 slot and dish has a planed 4 LNB 22 inch dish to come out soon to receive 110, 118, 119 and 129. Is this true? They said the 121 location will be shutting down.
Any info regarding this?


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Jul 17, 2006
Yes, it is true. I've seen it at the shop. Really, I have. It really does exist.

The Dish 500 Plus and Dish 1000 Plus are the same dish except the 500 Plus picks-up the 119,118,110 sats and the 1000 Plus has an extra LNB on it to pick-up the 129.
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May 11, 2004
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The D500+ can easily convert into a D1000+ with the use of a bracket and an additional DP Dual or DP Single LNBF attached to the LNBF assembly.

Not all the internationals and not all locations will get 118.7 though. The footprint of the 118.7 signal doesn't reach those in the extreme south of the US, like those in FL. Those extreme south locations will still use the 121 for the forseeable future. I doubt that those in the area still served by 121 will have a good LOS for 61.5 unless if they're in the southeastern US.

So 121 will stay for awhile! But if your international programming that you're getting on 121 is also on 118.7 now, there's a chance they'll turn off the 121 signal for that particular international programming in due time after they migrate the customers to 118.7. For those int'l programming that are only on 121 now, like this channel called Sun TV, for example, it'll likely be moved over to 118.7 once the inventory catches up to normal levels.


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Apr 3, 2005
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Personally I don't think E* knows what they are doing with 105/118/121 at this point. They have some huge bandwith wasting going on. Add 61.5 & 148 to the pile for that manner in reguards to internationals. They have the same thing on 3-4 sats in some instances.

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