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Jan 19, 2005
South of Buffalo NY
I have a Dish 500 and two receivers with the Smart Pack. So, I had a 301 in the bedroom and 311 in the living room and today I swapped in a 211z for the 311 in the living room and moved the 311 to the bedroom. This enabled me to get rid of the 301 which is about to become obsolete. The 311 is now in the bedroom and working as it always did. The 211 works ok but certain channels are not showing up like Fox News, TV land, Food, and some others. The info screen shows I am only hitting 110 and I don't understand why. Is there a setting or something I need to check? I tried Dish customer service both online and phone and they keep saying to check the connections but all I did was unscrew the cable and swap receivers. I am in Buffalo DMA (western arc) and I know I have to get an Mpeg 4 receiver to replace the 311 and switch to the eastern arc by the end of the year but I was just going to go as is for now. Do I need the dish repointed right now or is there something else I'm missing?

Thanks for any help
If you hit save, what satellites show? If you have a dish500 you will have 110/119, if connected correctly.
The legacy changeover and the migration would not affect his national channels on a 211 or any other mpeg4 equipment in any way... That said, it is possible to be in a EA market and you need to change your dish, but would not explain what you are experiencing at all.

Run the CST and save it. Whatever it saves, report findings. You were only getting 110 before, which if I'm not mistaken is the receivers default satellite.
Likely was recognizing a different switch, and that's what was promoting the 836 message. Glad you're up and running.
Have you run a check switch test?

I had this problem last September when trying to install a 211Z for a defective 211K on a Dish 500. I could not get the receiver to lock both 119 and 110. I was missing the exact same channels. I ran numerous check switch tests and 110 would be green, 119 would be red with a slash. Tech support on phone tried and put in time but did not resolve. I finally ran across description that this receiver 211Z is compatible with 1000.2 Dish on an authorized Dish retailer website, I returned to the authorized dealer where I purchased, they hooked up to 1000.2 Western Arc and it locked 119, 110, and additionally 129 proving it was not a defective receiver, I had some discussions with DIRT members and the final conclusion was that the 211Z is compatible with a Dish 500, but not the LNB. So, my thoughts are you need to either swap the 211Z for a 211K which functioned fine for me for five years with Dish 500. The other option would be to replace the old Dish 500 with an 1000.2 which solved my problem and gave the opportunity for more HD channels if you like.

Ha. We all got history with the equipment. From experience, people go to work for Dish to get paychecks. That paycheck comes in regardless of how knowledgeable you are. There are great details you can be selected for if you're knowledgeable, like our crowd favorite DIRT team, but the majority of agents just want their hourly pay. If you care enough about what you are doing there is great advancement opportunities but just like any job, the human factor comes in and you see folks promoted and given raises for nothing.

Here, we all come as a hobby. Nobody is forced to come here and none of us are collecting a paycheck for being here, so we are encouraged to learn something new. I love this site, even the folks I disagree with, still provide valuable insight and a way to try to understand all sides involved. That is why I am comfortable paying money to "keep the lights on". Besides, obviously we all have thre same hobby, although possible varying degrees of interest, and opinions. Lol. If you go to the main forum, even though it is the same DIrT members, people are on there for service and not as a hobby so the "intellect" of the system isn't as high. Just an viewpoint. I haven't looked at DBStalk as I have heard so many bad things here about it, and their site looks like crap on mobile, but very well may be the same concept.
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I disagree. It might be easier for the technicians, but I think it has proven to be less of a hassle for the average customer compared to the previous method. It takes options away from the customer, reducing chances of doing something wrong significantly, and walks them through step by step on how to complete the task. Makes RA's that much easier. Now if only they could come up with a cost effective way to install the box and cables for a RA receiver, they would be kings.

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