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Sep 8, 2003
I have a 7200 Dishplayer. Despite all of the many things that have been said about the Dishplayer, I have enjoyed my DP, especially the PTV features. However, lately I have to notice some problems with my receiver. The picture on more than one occasion will go black and then reappear. This has been going on for over the last two months even on clear sunny days. I have always gotten excellent reception with my receiver, but the 301 that my father has in his room is more stable than mine. I was wondering if anyone with a 7200 is or has experienced what I am going through and would offer any suggestions. Thank you.
Do you have a multiswitch or cables exposed to the weather? I suggest checking your connections. At the other place I use to live at I use to have similar problems with a different receiver. I assumed my switches were going bad.
This used to be a much worse problem... it still happens with me once or twice during a day and evening of viewing. Seems to occur more often on some channels though... I can't say for sure what makes it better or worse.

Dishplayer veterans have been there and seen it all before.

Try this link with takes you to another forum... put in "dishplayer blinkouts" (no quotes) in the search words window, pick the PVR Information Forum, All Dates, Entire Message. You'll get a ton of stuff to read about.

You might retry the search with 'blackout' instead of 'blinkout' to find some more posts.

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