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Apr 27, 2004
Milford, New Jersey
Here's the equipment: 811 connected via DVI to 60" Sony LCD

I also have basic Comcast service (NJ) to get the price break on my cable modem service. I'm told by Comcast that my level of service entitles me to receive NBC, CBS, ABC & Fox in HD.

The 811 can see all the analog channels from the Comcast coax but can't see the digital channels. I'm wondering if I get the Comcast cable box, would I be able to run the coax from the Comcast box to the 811 and get the digital channels.

I'm trying not to have to use a second input on my TV.

Any thoughts?!?

Doubtful. They are not b'cast in the same way as OTA DTV signals. I would think you would need a cable HD box. But, you wouldn't want to run its output through the 811. A. The AV inputs are SD.
B. They look like crap, making them basically useless.
Cable uses QAM modulation for digital channels. I don't think any satellite providers will have STBs that will decode it, at it adds cost to the box, and they don't want you having cable (really!). In fact, I think D* hardware requirements for manufactures specifically state that the box not handle QAM.

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