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Jan 26, 2005
I currently receive local channels via a CM 4228. Since I get all the local channels I didn't get the local channel package from E*. My signals on all local channels including HD signals is super strong.

When I look at the programming guide on 921, it doesn't show me any programming information about the channels I get OTA. It just says "No information available" for all of them. A friend who has the same setup gets all the information and the only difference here is that he has the local channel package from E*. Doesn't make sense especially considering that the 921 seems to view the OTA and satellite channels as different channels.

Is there something I can do? It is a pain right now because recording has to be controlled manually for the OTA channels. Any thoughts/ideas would be appreciated.

glenn z

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Dec 3, 2003
Yeah, you can pay Dish for local channels that you don't need. They're trying to squeeze additional fees out of you. This has been discussed repeatedly and it does not appear they are going to change it. The 811 gets program guide for OTA without subbing to the Dish locals but the 921 does not. Basically sux.


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Sep 7, 2003
Las Vegas, NV
Dish requires a sub to locals for guide data. I have my own theory on why they have this requirement. I don't have a 921, but if it works like the other boxes, you could use the box as an OTA receiver only (as long as it's got a sat signal). Since Dish wants to charge you a fee for the DVR, they want to make sure you can't discontinue service and use their guide for free. If you didn't need the guide, you could record on the 921 for free...otherwise...Dish can charge you a minimum to have names on your recordings.

Locals: $5.99
Access Fee: $5.00
DVR Fee: $4.99
Total: $15.98/month revenue they wouldn't see if they didn't require locals sub.

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