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Jun 26, 2004
Hi guys, i have a newbie question. I have the 811 running to my Samsung 50"DLP through component wires, all running through my sony reciever (STR-K850P) and then back to my tv through component wires, RCA I think. Well my question is that the sound quality sucks, and doesn't have good surround sound (I know that certain recievers don't do DTS properly and I haven't seen any DTS lights turn on, on my reciever). Also, am I losing quality going through reciever first and then to the TV? Also do you think it would be benificial if I got the DVI cable for it, is there a difference? Also, should I be watching regular TV in 480? or always leave it in 1080? Sorry for the abundance of questions. Thanks in advance for all your help. God Bless.



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Jan 20, 2004
I'm no expert but..


I am not an expert but I have a Sammy DLP as well. I use the DVI cable and then digital optical to my receiver. When you say you are running the 811 through your reciever via component cables (RCA) I assume you are just talking about the audio cables and the 3 video cables are going to component 2 or 3 on the Sammy (they are the only ones on mine that support all resolutions, althought the newer Sammy's I think carry all resolutions through all component hook-ups). I had mine hooked up via comonent before, the same way you have it and to be truthful I did not notice a big difference b/w DVI and component for the picture. I did however notice a big difference in sound quality when I hooked up the digital optical.


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Apr 11, 2004
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You won't get DTS Surround Sound out of the 811 but you should be getting Dolby Digital on most of the HD Channels and some of the SD premiums. The rest of the time it will be Dolby ProLogic unless you select a different surround mode.

Do you have the 811 connected to your Sony A/V receiver with a optical digital cable? Do you have the receiver set up to lock on the digital feed from that optical input when you select DBS or TV or whatever input you use for the 811? Has your system been calibrated for proper channel balance & time delay?

Maybe it's time to peruse your Sony's owner's manual.

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Dec 13, 2003
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Don't run your video cables through your A/V receiver. Best PQ is achieved by running all sources directly to your Sammy DLP. Yes, use a DVI cable from your 811 to your Sammy DLP for best PQ. You never mention audio cables. Get a optical cable and connect the optical out on the 811 to the SAT/Cable optical IN on your A/V receiver.

Regarding which HD setting to use for watching SD, I don't see a difference, other do. Try all the possibilities and go with what looks best to you. For your setup, which is the same as mine, it shouldn't matter.


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Sonic - Make sure you run a Toslink (optical) cable to the Sat/TV input of the Sony. Also, using the 811's setup menu, select Dolby Digital/PCM for your audio setting. The Sony should auto-detect when the 811 puts out Dolby 5.1. Most programming, however, is stereo (PCM).

As for the video connection: Using component through the Sony is fine. I would guess that you use the audio receiver as your A/V command center, and switch all of your video sources (DVD, Sat, VCR, etc) through the Sony. However, you would probably see an improved image, if you ran DVI directly from the 811 to the Samsung.

Finally, standard def (SD) images will look better when you set the 811 to 480. For HD, set it to 1080.


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Sep 25, 2003
GaryPen said:
Finally, standard def (SD) images will look better when you set the 811 to 480. For HD, set it to 1080.

YOu might want to note there is not a setting to individual set these and it is combersume to manually switch between the two unless you rarely catch HD. Personally I would keep it at 1080 for convience.

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