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Jun 26, 2005
Ok here's my situation -
Have 2 SD TVs, fed through a 301 and old 3800? Legacy Receiver and a Legacy Twin LNB.

So I just added a new Plasma TV and want to add a 3rd receiver.

As I see it, I need either a Quad LNB or a DP34 and a DP adaptor for my old legacy receiver?

When I asked about locals once, Dish gave me the option to have a Superdish installed with this adaptor and DP34 for $50, but then I have to subscribe to locals for a year, not something I really want to do. Do I have any other options?

And I have a second question, rather than subscribing to locals I would like to put up an Indoor antenna in my attic and use splitters and diplexors to provide a feed to 3 TVs. Since it would not be subject to winds, can I suspend it from the ceiling rather than fool with a mount?
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Aug 9, 2004
If you don't want to fool with a contract and locals through dish, yes get a legacy quad.

Yes you suspend it from the ceiling with rope or something non metallic. Just remember to aim it at your local tv station. This won't work as well if your tv stations tower is a long way off form where you live.
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