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Jun 12, 2008
Need Help :confused:
I have a Dish Network system located on the very edge of the 110-18 spot beam for local KCMO channels. I'm using a DP301 single receiver connected to a dish 500 with installed device 500 Twin LNBF (no DishPro Logo on back, only DishNetwork molded in the plastic) number on LNBF is BS1D1UP201M. My signal level (using modified levels) is 65 on the 119-6 and 18 on the 110-18. Adjusting the dish didn't help. If I purchased a DishPro Twin LNB, would it have more gain than the older 500 Twin LNBF?
I read somewhere here that you could use 2 single LMBF’s on two 500 dishes using I brackets, to hit the sweet spots, and a 21 switch to get higher signal levels. I had some old parts and tried to do that, but I couldn’t get the 110 dish to receive. Is there a way to force the S21 to switch to the other input port #2 after you perform the switch test to align the other dish? I was able to get the input port #1 dish 119 aligned on 119 but couldn’t get the switch to see the #2 dish 110 to align it. The Install menu showed the S21 installed on the first satellite 119 OK, but second satellite was X X out, because it had no signal I guess. The single LNBF’s I used had a part # BSCH84P10 on them. Shouldn’t they work on 119 & 110?
Anyone ever tried this and got it to work?
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Feb 28, 2007
hmmm, the TWIN you have is known as a LEGACY Twin. It will work fine for 119/110 on a 500 dish as long as:

1) you have line of sight for both sats from that spot and
2) you have the D500 properly pointed exactly BETWEEN 119 and 110 sats.

using the 2-500 Dishes with a SINGLE LNB on each into a SW 21 switch can work also. when using the SW21, the SINGLE LNBS must also be LEGACY, they cant be the ones with the black DISH Logo on them. They must be the ones with NO LOGO on them.

when using this config: 1 DISH is pointed directly at 119 sat and the other directly at the 110 sat. If you dont have the 110 dish initially pointed pretty close to the 110 sat, the reciver will never detect it and you will never be able to tune it in using the reciever. I suspect that you dont have the 110 dish ROUGH pointed close enough to the 110 sat location to be able to detect it and tune it. if you have a compass, the 110 sat is 9 degrees to the east of the 119, and a little lower in the sky (approx. 4 degrees lower). The skew on both dishes should be set at 90 degrees in this case.

good luck.


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Nov 5, 2007
Phoenix, AZ
Remove the switch and connect the receiver directly to 110. Then put your receiver on 110 satellite, transponder 11 or 21. After you align that one, put your switch back in and test.
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