Anyone else having problems with USPS deliveries anywhere close to on time?


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Feb 20, 2010
Mexico City
Another fator that has affected me personally, regarding post deliveries and the pandemic, is that
the mail man assigned to this route told me around March April, the local post office was reducing the number of mail carriers to avoid having them on a crowded office where they sort out all the parcels, so they would work every other day, taking turns,

Then the mail man who covers this route, was out of commission for around a month, some other postmen came to fill in for him, and they just told me he was out on sick leave, and nobody would tell them if he had caught the virus,

Then he came back, and I didn't even want to ask him, he looked fine, OK;

About a month ago, again he has been missing, and I know him well, he's very responsible, and if he has been again out of commission for 4 weeks it must be something serious,

This time there are no other mail men to cover for him, and I haven't received many parcels, that I ordered online in May and June and later on...

Above all I hope the mail man who covers my route is well, and I hope to see him again healthy,

The delivery of my parcels can wait.....

As a follow up, I am glad I got to see the mail man, again,

He is safe and sound, he came by yesterday to thank me for attentions to him (as I usually receive a lot of mail and some parcels requiring signature, I am used to see him often, so I always have a bottle of water for him on a hot day, a cash bonus around this time of year, etc.)

I had the chance to give him a little Christmas present I had for him, and he urged me to take the pandemic seriously and to take care, we talked briefly about that, but I didn't want to ask me if when he was out of commission it was because of that.....

Important thing is that he is doing fine and I was glad to see him.

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