Anyone have experience with 811/6000 recording to Tivo?


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Oct 10, 2003
I'm thinking of replacing the 301 feeding my Tivo with an 811 to get staticless digital stations and record widescreen HD shows at least in SD.

Has anyone had any experience with this? The 301 has been pretty stable in thie role. I'm not sure if I'd be stupid to try this with the 811's current state.

I really don't want to p*ss of the wife with missed shows. And lord knows I don't want to mess up a recording of Barney...

Thanks in advance.
I used my 6000 to record with my series I TiVo, but I had to switch between HD and SD for it to work. I would be watching HD and would forget to switch, when I went to bed. Obviously, I would not get my recording. But with the 811, you can use the SD & HD output at the same time, so you should have no problem. Be sure the TiVo knows which channel the sat receiver is on, when not watching TV, meaning, if you use the Sat remote to change channels, the TiVO thinks you are on a different channel. Or always use the TiVo remote to change channels.
Thanks. Did the Tivo tune the local channels on the 6000 okay? Any problems with tuning local digitial subchannels?