Best Game Ever Attended


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May 16, 2008
Los Angeles, CA
Sept. 17, 2001 Padres vs. Dodgers

It was the first baseball game played in SoCal since the week off from the disasters of 9/11. Who won? I can't remember. And the ballpark was maybe 1/2 full because people were still in mourning or fearful of attending large public events. However, I will never, NEVER forget the pomp, circumstance and tears of the pre-game events. The feeling of being out and about in a free country. Shaking hands and even hugging people I'd never met in my life during the course of the game.

But, oh...when the ump called "PLAY BALL!" and that first pitch was thrown, I remember tears running down my cheeks. My beloved baseball had been given back to me. I never realized how much I'd missed it and the atmosphere of a major league baseball game "live"!

Thanks for permitting me to share thsi with you.

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