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How do I get a Bluetooth icon in settings on an H3?
If you don't have one (should be the 4th option under settings in between Internet and Remote control) and a hard reset (Unplugging the power cord, waiting 10-30 seconds then plugging back in) does not make it appear, then you probably have a bad Bluetooth chip. If you need the Bluetooth functionality you may need to contact Dish for a replacement. Unless someone else has any ideas.
I've seen this. It's an odd glitch. Easy for me, I'd take a Bluetooth adapter and plug it in and the icon would show up
But then you probably have a bluetooth adapter on your truck for just these troubleshooting techniques. Our OP probably doesn't have one and isn't going to buy one to do the proving. Good thought though! :)
Yah, that's why I say easy for me.
It's a great tip. Some of us keep stuff around even though we have no immediate need, partaicularly if the cost is low or zero. (I recently got a Dot and Smart Plug out of Verizon for "free", just as I got those two out of SiriusXM for signing up my wife's Nissan 2 years ago.) I have a Dish-branded WiFi dongle for just such an occasion. Of course if I plug it in some day and it doesn't work, I have only crodrules to blame. We traded Dish devices, but I no longer remember what it was I sent him.
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Has it ever been anything other than a bad internal bluetooth adapter, such as software? If not, not sure even testing it is necessary.
If it were software there would be many reports of it missing and I don't see that anywhere.... And the testing is whimsical, just if you happened to have the adapter handy.
Sure enough, the Bluetooth icon disappeared…and so did my external drive.

It’s gotta be connected somehow…
Gonna take a wild guess and say its your internal USB Bus/Driver. Most internal BT chipsets on computers interface via USB, so that might be how its done on a Dish receiver as well.
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