Cablevision's 500 HD channels?


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Jan 27, 2007
:rolleyes: Remember the statment Cv put out a while ago that they could offer 500 HD channels (not that there are that many btw) along w/ HD VODs Well..I don't see that happening since they can't even get the 15 VOOM channels to work correctly...they are fast becoming the joke of the industry Fios / TWC & Dish/Direct are going to be adding 10/30 & more in the coming months.& what is Cv doing nothing but showing you the "sorry not available.. try later" banner :mad: Oh you are having problems just make a call & then wait for them to show up .you should not have to call or send email or post here for that matter it should work from day 1.... maybe my money will be unavailable &..try again later... :D


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Jan 2, 2006
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So your mad you have to call CV when you have a problem? How do you expect them to know you had a problem?

This same problem happend when simul-casting was done. When all digital boxes were changed to received only digital channels. A lot of customers who had wiring problems before going all digital didnt see the problems on analog when they went to digital they noticed the problems. The same is going on with SDV. You could of had a problem with your cable for years and not notice it until a service that requires the bandwidth on your cable that was bad is finnaly being used.

So if your not willing to have them come out and work with them to fix your problem then quit complaining. CV probably does have capacity for 500HD channels with SDV and reclaimed analog spectrum its very possible.


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Jan 4, 2006
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:Fios / TWC & Dish/Direct are going to be adding 10/30 & more in the coming months.& what is Cv doing nothing..

CV does not pre announce new channel additions like everyone else. At most you find out a week in advance. However, they are not turning off analog simulcasts and moving VOOM to SDV just for the hell of it. CV will be right there with new channel additions just like everyone else.


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Oct 18, 2004
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SDV needs a good quality signal to work. You are having problems with the Voom channels because your signal is marginal. It's better to fix it then going online and complaining about it. Call the # and they'll get it done for you.

Remy is right about Cablevision not announcing channels up front, but good things are coming.