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Nov 8, 2006
I'm sure this is a dumb question but I'm just now deciding to go from cable to satellite. Dish has the 4 room promo but I have 7 TV's. They are saying I will get two Dish 322 receivers (not going to go HD yet) which will operate 4 TV's independantly. The other 3 TV's would have to be married to one of the other 4. Can I buy 3 other Dish 301 receivers from a reputable Ebay dealer to go on these other TV's without having to pay Dish a fee for them. I know these would have to be "clean" receivers & are there any other problems that I might need to look out for? Thanks so much for your help. Sure am glad to know this forum is here.
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May 22, 2004
You aren't gonne get away from any dish additional receiver fees no matter where you buy them.

Also, the literal number of tuners (322's have 2, 301s have 1) is limited with dish to 6 I believe, but I know people that have more. Just make sure each is plugged into a phone line.

As for where to buy, I recommend dishstore (sponsor of this site). Great service and prices. I would also maybe recommend another 322 and a 301 instead of 3 301's. You can save on fees somewhat that way. Also, with 3 322's and 1 301, you would only need 1 DPP44 switch. With 2 322's and 3 301's you would incure extra expense of another switch for the additional tuners.

Of course none of these have DVR capabilities so you might want to think about that so you don't spend more down the road on it. Also I am assuming from your post that you are insisting on independent TV viewing on all of the 7 TV's. If not, and say the living room and bedroom are never used at the same time, then you would just need to split the AV signal to both TVs and you could save on fees that way.

I guess overall, a little more info on what you want to do would be useful for people here to help you more.

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