Charlotte, NC HD Locals


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Feb 13, 2005
what do you mean you can still watch them. I was having a heated debate with one of the CSR supervisors the other night and they turned them off. I could not even see the channel in my Guide menu, it was not showing up. Do you mean even though it is not showing up you can go directly to the channel and still get it?? My wife will not go without missing her nightly tv shows for several days!!!

for me, my ota channels were still being listed, just no guide data, but I could still watch them


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Oct 25, 2005
Asheville, NC
Signal dropouts. I believe the Charlotte stations are on 118.7 TP 8 and TP21. On TP 8 I only get a signal strength of 64 on a clear day and 45 during dense clouds which causes signal dropouts. I get a strength of 89 on TP 21, the best of any TP on the satellite. My signal strength exceeds 100 on 119 and I expected a good signal on 118.7. Is anyone having this problem?

Also, my cable run from the dish to the receiver is a little over 100 feet. Is there any kind of signal booster that might help in this configuration?


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Apr 12, 2006
Ok, so I got my 1000+ installed today... just sat down to watch things, but of course there are no shows on right now that are in HD. Had a lot of fun with the installers... they said that where my current 1000 dish was would not work for the 1000+ and they had to move it. So they moved it, but onto my neighbor's roof! We live in a townhome, so the roof is connected with the neighbor, but still! Luckly my neighbor was cool with it... Hopefully the picture will be close to OTA... Has anyone who got their dish HD's working keep their OTA's in the guide? Or has it turned out to be not worth it?


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May 10, 2006
So- the install went as scheduled on Sunday the 11th. However, it did not go very smoothly. My particular channel collection requires access to the 65 satellite – for the Japanese international channel - which I had installed as a second dish to my DISH 500. The installer removed both dishes on the assumption that I did not need the 65 as the Japanese Channel was surly on one of the satellites offered by the 1000+. He (or perhaps the order giver at CS) was wrong. To his credit he went back up on the roof without complaint and reinstalled the auxiliary dish to access the 65 sat.

One nice thing about the new setup is that the HD locals automatically replace the SD locals in my guide. The Dish HD channels do seem to be slightly softer than the OTA channels, but I will take the trade-off for rock solid signal strength. Plus, I can now record multiple HD local shows in the same time slots, e.g. 24 and Heroes in HD at the same time!

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