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Aug 11, 2004
Colorado Springs
I am in Colorado Springs and have Adelphia, and recently switched over to them from VOOM last week. And not very happy with the equiptment or picture quality.. I have adelphia's brand new HD-DVR "Motorola 9012 MOXI" its a pretty awesome box but starting to find all kinds of flaws.. But there are some kools things too just not all negative, but anyways first and foremost DVR storage capacity i was told it holds 20 hours HD or 60 hours SD but can't get more than 10 hours of HD.. BOO HOO.. 2nd i am using optical for sound and am getting some serious sound drops randomly, DVI input is not enabled, will not let you set your own favorites list, no native mode for picture formatl ike 1080i, 720p etc. you must manually go into settings to change. Good things are it has a kool menu and records and plays back HD beautifully but like i said only 10 hours... Pretty dissapointing when this is supposed to be top of the line equiptment atleast from cable, i am paying $129.00 for The ultimate pack everything adelphia offers "all channels and 4meg internet service", and 1 hd-dvr and 1 digital box.. not sure its worth that and thats their SPECIAL promotion price.. lol normally would of been almost $160.00 a month.. lol ... super super close to switchin to DISH NETWORK....ANYONE ELSE IN THE SPRINGS!!!!

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