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Nov 3, 2008
Fargo ND
I am installing a 3 dish satellite system (119,110,129) in an apt. building. We have a seperate line from each dish going into a Sonora 6x3 hub. using twin lnbs. From the hub it is going into 4x4 and 3x4 switchs in the mechanical room. My question is, they have a system for video cameras, and only 1 coax cable going to each apt. Can you combine the dish signals and the video cameras going to a dual tuner receiver? The video cameras are set up to be viewed on channel 60. Also in each apt. they have a main splitter that splits off to 5 rooms in the laundry room. I tried to diplex everyway possible, but Im pretty sure it wont work without having 2 runs to each apt. It works fine on single tuners, but i cant get it to combine the cameras and then split to TV2 on a single coax.

Any input would be great.

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