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Mar 31, 2008
Question: We are considering switching from Charter Cable to Dish Network. Where we want to have an HDTV set only has a electrical outlet. I know I can plug in one of those phone extender jacks to handle the phone hook-up requirement, but I assume we will need to have a cable jack installed there also. Does the Dish installer run cable into an attic from the outside dish location and then down interior wall cavities to TV locations and can he also add a phone hook-up at TV location? What added costs if any...but I assume there would be an extra charge for that.
Also we need to know the depth dimensions of the HD receivers. We are planning to get one "2 TV" HD DVR receiver and one standalone HD receiver (for the main HDTV). We were hoping to be able to place the dual tuner DVR in the room with an SDTV and not have to have a receiver in the great room with the HDTV set, but if I understand correctly the 2nd TV or "slave" only has 480i signal. Does Dish's HD standalone receiver have an UHF remote so we can at least have the receiver hidden inside a cabinet?
Any guess when Dish will be offering the locals in HD for Greenville/Spartanburg SC customers?
Thanks for any help you guys can provide with these questions.:)
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