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Sep 25, 2008
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EVERY single morning when I turn on my HWS, it is necessary to do a reset (and lose a chunk of whatever is recording) if I want to watch ANY program that is either being recorded, or has previously been recorded. Talk about frustrating! We can only watch "live" TV - unless I do a reboot.

My wife wants me to cancel - I would prefer a replacement.

The problem is straight-forward and consistent on a daily basis. Any recorded (or recording) program that I select will show the title info at the top of the screen for a few seconds, then I get nothing but a blank screen. Nothing but an RBR or unplug/rep lug will fix the problem - until tomorrow morning when we do it all over again.

Also, on a program that is currently recording, pressing the "pause" button will show the currently recorded chunk of time,but it will not pause, nor will it "rewind".

How do I get a replacement ASAP?? Streaming TV is looking more and more appealing these days.

PLEASE help!!!

Call Dish and tell tech support what's happening. I had a issue with my HWS, and had a new one installed the same day. It might have been easy for me as I carried equipment insurance on my account too. Give them a call any way. Gary

Can you please send a PM with your phone number and PIN so I can assist you further?
In such instances like this, I've found Dish to be very willing to send a replacement, not matter how many times it takes or send a tech to check things out. Your situation, OP, is NOT how it is supposed to be, so I hope Dish can get things fixed so you needn't cancel.
I have a two Hopper setup and this has happened to both. As others have said, they had to be replaced due to hard drive failures. All recordings lost unless you can get them copied to an external drive before the hard drive fails completely. I was lucky on one to be able to do that but not on the other.

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