DIRECTV to carry Sunday Ticket for Business Subscribers

That former engineer has no idea what they're talking about. We do a special Sunday transponder map grab every year for Sunday Ticket and know exactly how their channels are distributed, and the NFLST prep channels in the 9700s remain pointed to whatever CINEHD channels they repurpose, so the current map still shows what feeds Sunday Ticket used last season.

The bulk of the game feeds and the Red Zone Channel are on T14 transponders that don't have anything but the CINEHD channels being repurposed, so there are no other channels to throttle.

The one exception is 717, which carries whatever late game Puerto Rico is getting on their local Fox or WSEE's pan-caribbean CBS feed, but that's on a T11 transponder that only has 5 channels, instead of 6 or more like most other transponders have, so it also has more than enough bandwidth, and it's usually the "game of the week" that most of the country is getting locally on Fox or CBS. And I highly doubt they are throttling KCBS, KNBC, MGM+ or FBN (which is FS1's defacto overflow feed whenever an event goes long because FS2 is not in enough homes)
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I didn't know they used FOX Business as an alternate FS1 feed. I've never even seen it be used as such thing. I wonder if when they do so their anchor has to say something along the lines of "we will now join Fox Sports already in progress"?
It only happens on weekends, so FBN is just airing infomercials and repeats of their non-news shows. Depending on whatever event is more important, either the event currently airing on FS1 moves to FBN at the start of the next event, or the event scheduled to start on FS1 starts on FBN until FS1's event finishes, and sometimes on Saturdays it's something going long on Fox that causes a cascading shift. Before the Disney sale they used FX instead of FBN.
I looked up red zone channel on nfl and it doesn't list directv as a provider of it. that's pretty surprising to me. red zone channel is the only channel I want to buy to watch on my tv. hopefully they have some other way to get it that doesn't require a full tv sub.
That's because DIRECTV programmed their own Red Zone Channel for Sunday Ticket. They have to strike a new deal with the NFL Network if they want to offer the NFL Network's version of Red Zone this fall.
The Sports Business Journal mentioned that the CEO of Everpass is a fellow named Derek Chang. That should ring a bell: up until about 2010, Chang was the very successful Director of Programming --- for DIRECTV. We can only make guesses about why he left DIRECTV.
The social media rep is likely referring to Sunday Ticket's Red Zone, they wouldn't be in the loop on any contract negotiations involving NFL Network's Red Zone.

They still have 3 months to strike a deal with the NFL Network for their Red Zone, which will hopefully include NFL Network coming to DTV Stream/Internet and returning to U-Verse.
The new Sunday Ticket EverPass logo that differentiates from YouTube version is now up on the DTV business website


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