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Dec 6, 2003
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Discovery Plus is now available. I went into my account today 1/4/21 at 8:30. There is no option in add-on to subscribe to the service. Maybe one of the Dish Support team can find out why not.
umm, you subscribe on the Discovery+ website, did it this morning for my wife.

You can watch it on a Roku, Apple or Fire ( Android) device, it has nothing to do with Dish.
It's a greedy, disgusting new tactic to make us pay twice for Discovery programming. They will keep some content proprietary to steaming that we will now have to pay extra to see. The trend was started by CBS All Access.
They won't be getting any more money from me. I refuse to pay extra. We do watch a lot of discovery network content (discovery, travel, TLC, etc...) and I hope that programs that are currently on those channels won't migrate to streaming only but I will not pay extra for them over and above my Dish subscription!
I hope we don't lose some TV programs to Discovery+!
I would not doubt "on-line exclusive" programming as that has been the norm for these new services. However, I do resent the value of the content and my subscription through Dish being decreased. How many of these services am I supposed to separately subscribe (that was a rhetorical question)? I've never heard of "cable/sat exclusive" programming considering they are making MORE money from cable/sat. It seems to me that Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and Disney+ are destined to remain/become real money makers, but I just can't see ANY of these linear channel on-line services making anywhere CLOSE to the money they make with cable/sat re-transmission contracts, and yet, they devalue that pipeline whenever possible, it seems. I like recording my program to my LOCAL at home DVR to see whenever I am ready to see it and not have it removed from the on-line service line-up.
Back in the day we had five channels to watch with nothing on them. Now there is so much it's ridiculous.
Yeah, it can take me a year+ to get to some DVR recordings, but at least I can get to them. OTOH, I have suffered the pain of waiting even just a few MONTHS to watch something--when I would have the TIME--with Netflix and Amzon (Amazon moved some content over to its IMDB service that has non-skipable COMMERCIALS) only to find it had been removed due to rights expiration, and NO OTHER streaming service had the content.

If we would be allowed by the streaming service or vMVPD's to locally record the content onto our local drives at our own cost with the same restrictions (Fair Use, Personal, Private) in place for local-at home DVR's, that would be quite an enhancement for me. However, we are likely to never see the TOS from streaming and vMVPD's regarding agreement to NOT make local recordings of content ("Archive" is the term used) streamed into the privacy of our home because if it ever were challenged, it just may be struck down by the Courts.

The content LEGALLY enters our home just like all the other content we consume, and with the SCOTUS decision on Areo, SCOTUS made clear that the issue was NOT Fair Use for the consumer, but was that the Provider/Service (Areo, or in this case Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, et al.) needs to have legally obtained rights for the content before sending it to the consumer. After that, follows Fair Use once it enters the home of the paying (of if free content, non-paying) consumer. But that is a legal battle the streamers and vMPVD's NEVER want to have to defend in Court: it is too great of a risk. More can be said, but I'll say 'nough said.
From the commercials I have seen, Yes, alot is moving from several channels.

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Because it seems the only way for them to create real value of the service, not just old show and episodes archived for viewing. It seems silly for a service like Peacock to be bragging "The Office Now Streaming" or even Friends. Really? Old shows that those people have already seen. Now, I admit to occasionally stumbling upon Golden Girls on Dish (a linear TV service) and let it play while doing something else or even sitting to watch for a while for all the great jokes in an episode that still make me laugh, but I would NEVER take the time or deliberate choice to STREAM that show at all (and it is available for streaming with NONE of the scenes edited to fit more commercials on Hallmark, and the other 57--hyperbole--channels it also airs) when there are few other shows I've never seen before that I do want to see. And don't some of these new streaming services come with a commercial and non-commercial tier. Now we pay extra for no commercials. I admit I do this for Hulu, but I really would NOT want to pay extra for no commercials for every streaming service. Financial death by a thousand cuts, or the old nickel and dime you to death. After having a VCR for decades and a DVR for decades, I have absolutely no patience for commercials--that are not relevant to me :).
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B. Springsteen, 1992: "57 Channels and nothing's on!"
Back of My Brain, 2021: "557 Channels and still nothing's on . . . "
I remember when the rant was for more a la cart options. Well, here's your Discovery a la carte option!

Not really, this is a separate streaming service (with additional charges), not an ala carte channel on the satellite service.
The key word in tedb3rd's post is 'options.' It is an option, just maybe not the option you were looking for. Eventually, IMO. satellite will go away and streaming will be the norm.
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What will this do to the value of Dish Network service? Just noticed last night a series I watch is moving to Discovery Plus only. I can get it for a free year with Verizon. Also have 1 year left on my Dish contract. Going to seriously consider cutting the cord, if streaming services like this , AMC, etc. start moving their series. Xfinity I'm sure is well aware, since they now have a data cap here in the northeast. Forcing cord cutter to pony up another $30 for unlimited.
The key word in tedb3rd's post is 'options.' It is an option, just maybe not the option you were looking for. Eventually, IMO. satellite will go away and streaming will be the norm.
I do understand it is another option (like Hulu, sling, peacock, etc, etc...) but I don't think it really qualifies as ala carte. I also understand that streaming is becoming more the norm every day.

I use Netflix on occasion, but with all these different networks spread over all these different streaming services, it will definitely not be as economical as having them all in one place like satellite service by the time you add up all the fees for each service.

And I have to say that I will give up my DVR when they pry it from my cold dead hands, being able to record shows/movies to my own personal DVR and save them for when I want to view them is invaluable to me. Streaming services have limitations and frequently drop shows/movies from lineups and then you have to figure out where to watch all over again when it moves. I do stream sometimes but would not give up satellite service.

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