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Nov 10, 2019
Minneapolis, MN
What’s the lowest package would have 4K in included?. I hear good things about the Hopper 3 and would consider it and switch from DirecTV. I like that it outputs 4K right from H3 and not needing clients since I have only one set.
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Sep 28, 2004
I think you need a package with your local Fox channel, also FS1 if you want the 4K on both channels.

If I recall you only get the 4K if you have the channel in your core package in HD.

The Olympics are a NBC event in 4k so you need the NBC channel locally I would guess for next summer's Olympics.

Be aware the 4k looks good on Dish but on Directv DTV you will the HDR and it looks MUCH better with HDR.
Dish is giving you the bargain basement version and stripping off the HDR on the NFL games they've shown.

Also, Dish is not showing the NBA 4k games.
Directv is now AND WITH HDR.

On Directv you will also get other sports in 4k that Dish chooses to not give it's customers.

Such as, NCAA Football ESPN 4k, NCAA Football 4k NBC (Notre Dame games), And the English Premiere League soccer in 4k.
Also, Directv gives you some of the big Golf tournaments in 4k with various holes having their own camera, and if I recall you get Tennis in 4k at the big tournys.
Dish gives you none of this.

So like you said the H3 is a great box.
And all in one box for 4k but the programming side falls way short.
Most of the time there is NOTHING to watch on Dish.
I mean NOTHING. Blank channels.

And nearly 100% of the time nothing on the HDR channel.

If you could get DTV content on the H3 that would be a great setup.

You can archive to EHD all your 4k recordings to enjoy later.
Forget that on DTV your HD will eventually get full but not on Dish.

Hope that helps.

BTW, The Olympics on Dish were in HDR last time and they looked stunning.
Ice Hockey and Skating were both amazing.

Next summer should be just as good with summer sports.
Unless Dish blows it all and strips the HDR off.

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