Dish 500+ Install Question.


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Dec 16, 2003
Toledo, Ohio
I'm am having a Dish 500+ installed tomorrow(8-3) and was wondering if I needed a DP44 switch? My installer called me this morning to tell me that the dish had arrived. I asked him if I needed a dp44 and he told me that he did not think so. Currently I have a dish 500 w/a DPP Lnb and a dish 300 with a legacy lnb pointed at 129. I have a 501 receiver and a 622.


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Jan 8, 2006
you can use a dp34 or a dp44, the only difference is is that a dp34 is not a plus switch and in turn will require you to run two cables straight to the dual tuner, a dp44 switch is a plus switch that only requires one line with a seperator at the dual tuner input. Dish's rules to the use of a dp44 switch is as follows, you have to have four sat's installed for a dp44 to be used, if your just picking off of 3 sat's then a 34 will prob be used.


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Jul 17, 2006
The 500+ and the 1000+ are used to bring in the 118 satellite.

And since you have HD and thus getting programming off the 110, 119, & 129 sats, you actually need a Dish 1000+ to add the 118 sat.

And you definitely need a DP Plus 44 switch since you need 4 satellites.

Even if you were just needing the 119,118, & 110 sats, you would at least need a DP 34 switch.

BTW, you might want to consider letting your 129 dish stay up and letting him put up a Dish 500+ and then just tying all 4 sats into the DP Plus 44 switch. This would allow for the signal strength that you're receiving now off the 129.

However, this does peak my curiosity. On the Dish 1000, the 129 has an optimum signal strength in the 70-80 range. I'm just wondering that since the Dish 1000+ is a little larger if the 129 will have a higher signal strength from it.
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